COMODO Internet Security 3.5 BETA Released [CLOSED]

Hi Guys,

We would like to inform you that we have just released COMODO Internet Security 3.5 for our BETA testers!

What is COMODO Internet Security?

COMODO Internet Security is the product which we have intgrated COMODO Antivirus, COMODO Firewall and COMODO Defense+ in a seamless manner. We have also fixed many bugs in COMODO Firewall with this release.

Where can I get the COMODO Firewall or COMODO Antivirus ?

COMODO Firewall or COMODO Antivirus canbe installed as standalone products by using the same setup.

Known Issues

1 - We are not aware of any major issues with the products. But there are minor known issues that is not really important to be listed here.
But this is a BETA product and it might contain serious bugs that have not been discovered yet.
2 - CAV 2 users must uninstall it before installing this version of COMODO Internet Security
3 - CFP 3 users must uninstall it before installing this version of COMODO Internet Security(You can import your old configurations)

[b]!BETA Notice!

This product is intended for a highly specialized group of users called BETA testers. Please do not install or use it on production machines.[/b]

Bug Reports

Please post all bug reports & FP’s here: Comodo Forum

Download Locations

Here are the setup details:
32-bit Setup

Size: 21.2 MB (22,322,432 bytes)
MD5: 3df9e74957083c2dd39b30526f23a934
SHA1: 40016532df8c0da4da471ff6d3ba99fd3aec6fe4

64-bit Setup

Size: 35.0 MB (36,759,808 bytes)
MD5: 130b3237903240ea1260fe06146c655d
SHA1: a04bf6e4d188d8906e8ab52c802e81c25ae08782



[b]EDIT By mod:[/b] Please post your bugreports in [url=]COMODO Internet Security Beta 1 Bug Reports[/url] Topic. Standalone bugreport topics will be merged

Thanks Egemen,

I’m downing it :slight_smile: now…

squeee Thank you for the release. I have downloaded it and will test it out. Thanks for all the hard work in producing this product. Hope all the Beta testers can report their findings to make this even better.


Welldone to the CIS team! Guys, I know how hard you worked, day and night to make this happen! Congratulations! But pls dont’ go home yet… get ready for the bug reports :slight_smile:


Mee tooooooooooo



fuly noticed! I´ll only test later. thanks Comodo.

Just downloaded it. Will install it later…gotta get back to work. :-\

Thanks, I’ll let you know. (R)

Finally something i can hit with a mouse…

gonna run on my virtual machine first in case of any nasties, but not expecting to find many (if any)

Well done to all at Comodo who have worked so hard towards this release. :Beer
Thank you very much. :BNC
See you later.

World’s First Free Internet Security Suite!


Thx very much for the release… Very cool to test new stuff… (:NRD) (:KWL) :Beer

Oh my God!

Thank you Melih and thank you dev team for all your hard work on dreams come true!

I’ll try it and give you my feedback!



Haha! Great news!

I’m on a 100Mbit line here, and downloading speed is 0,1 kb/s. I guess I’ll have to queue up and wait nicely in line… :slight_smile:

It’s Running the AV scan on my laptop now.

Downloading now. Thanks to everyone at Comodo! :Beer

found malware in c:\windows\system32\tzchange.exe, but sure this file is safe as this is a fresh installation of xp and sp3 on my virtualmachine


Since the new CIS 3.5 requires an uninstall of Comodo Firewall, will the uninstall routine via Comodo or in Add/Remove Programs be sufficient, to ensure that noting is remaining in the registry that could come home to haunt later?

Also, what about Safe Surf. Should I uninstall, or leave it alone for now?

Thanks. --SA Jack

Would a stand-alone CFP version be out also ?