COMODO Internet Security 2025 Premium

The Devs create a topic of the official release. @ilgaz may be able to provide answers. Honestly though, if you want to us the new version, do a fresh install. Badgering posts won’t get any answers any sooner.

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But there are many clients I have and several computers to update manually. This can’t happen, you have no idea what it will cost to do this? All antivirus products do this update automatically, and quickly without any problems, why can’t Comodo do this?

There are some developments that cannot be updated without a clean installation. This is the case with all companies.

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Please tell which developers need to install your product cleanly.

From what I researched and several others who visited the Comodo forum know that several software updates automatically, the companies that do this perfectly in a much faster time than CIS are ESET, KASKERSPY, MALWAREBYTES, AVAS, AVIRA and several others that quickly update your antivirus.

COMODO is taking a long time to update its antivirus product so that it uses the old software like I do because I have several customers with the same product;

COMODO needs you to update products automatically.
I’m waiting for the update date and time, please don’t keep quiet and give me an answer, I need this for large deployments on my clients’ systems.

If that’s the case then you should be using Xcitium Enterprise where installations and updates are managed centrally as in where I work. They update over 150 PCs over the network and endpoints on those machines are easily maintained and updated. We don’t use Comodo where I work but our AVs are updated automatically by the IT department and we use a cloud server which is all Microsoft. CIS .8012 will still protect you just as well as CIS 2025 as most of the background software is the same but i really do think if your in an Enterprise environment, Xcitium is the software you should be using.

Have a look at as they are updated long before the Consumer version.

Hello are you registered at xcitium forums?

you have probably buyed CIS Pro which is 29$
if you want Xcitium AEP you need to register at xcitium enterprise platform or log in and you have a 32 day free trial after that you have to pay for it 1 year is 39$ in order for you to buy Xcitium AEP you need to login to your CAM Account management at and log in with the same details as Xcitium Enterprise Platform on Xcitium CAM you can also buy business solutions and personal solustions(CIS)

we will update, its not a capability issue, its merely a switch. When the devs ready, they will flick the switch.


If created, where is the link? Or are we talking about the current topic?

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Not yet created. Maybe @ilgaz or @Melih can advise when that might be posted. For now, all we have is this topic


Hello, I am using CIS on my clients.
When I talk about clients, and that I am a computer technician, and the clients who come to do formatting on their computers, I put the CIS in their system.
With the CIS 2025 update, I need to update customers’ machines, some even asked me why it hasn’t been updated to the new version yet.
That’s why I’m here asking this question on the forum, some have already informed me that it will be soon. But when will that date be soon?

Thanks for the response.
I’ll be waiting!

Windows 11 Pro 23H2 fully updated. Installed CIS 2025 Premium v12.3.3.8140 all went well, ran a full scan after install, no problems. Later ran another full scan which aborted on it’s own. Rebooted, ran yet another full scan which completed but CIS immediately displayed a message saying it had detected a crash. Sent crash report to Comodo.Rebooted again ran yet another full scan with same result, crash. This version obviously still has problems.

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You would have the prints showing this problem, it would be easier for everyone who is here reading what happened.

hi @delscom_5511

Apologies for the inconvenience caused. I have forwarded the details to the backend team to analyze the issue. Ticket # CS - 55616 .
If you could also share us the error screenshots of the agent crash as well , it will help the team to investigate further.

New_Style_xd & niveditha.balakrishn Thank you for your replies. I have used CIS for many years and have found it to be an excellent product, with a few minor glitches. Unfortunately I removed the latest version after the problem occured so cannot supply what has been requested (screenshot). For future reference I would appreciate any advice on posting info on problems - files or logs etc and where to find them. I am a novice on using the forum.

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Comodo user from version 2, I’m very happy that the new version finally sorts out. I always used the previous version. Only the Firewall mode coupled with Bitdefender Antivirus Free.
I uninstalled my old version to install the new program without antivirus. Unfortunately cohabitation is much less well.
It is no longer possible to make Comodo Firewall coexist with an antivirus?

Premium download link added to first post.

CIS Premium Installer Download: CIS 2025 Premium Installer

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Thanks for the link Eric. Hoping they fix the website so it lists the download for CIS Premium. Got a lot of people that I have converted over to Cis over the years and main thing thats been stopping them from upgrading has been the issue finding the download link for it.


Last night, my version is updated in version
By cons I lost my old settings because I had not saved my config, but it does not matter.
In the configuration section I find:
Internet Security
Proactive Security
Firewall Security
Internet Security V
Proactive Security V
Firewall Security V
Why ?
Thank you to the Comodo team for this new program.