COMODO Internet Security 2025 Premium

I Went To Download What I Thought Was COMODO Internet Security 2022 & I Got COMODO Internet Security 2025 Installed So It Came From There Offical Website Download Too Not Portal Website Like Softpedia Or Majorgeeks & The Json things in exporer where scan with Comodo & Run in sandbox comodo said they would be Removed there gone now here is some of the screenshots of the new Comodo there the same screenshots for the most part that were in The Beta & Also The Signer Of The Software of the new version too

CIS Premium Installer Download: CIS 2025 Premium Installer


Cool but i got my Xcitium AEP :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware that the CIS 2025 version has already been released because we didn’t receive an announcement on the forum?

Can you share the download link?

Cloud Antivirus | Comodo Free Proactive Protection Software Then clicked on FREE ANTIVIRUS Download: THEN YOU DOWNLOAD & GET THE DOWNLOAD FOR COMODO Internet Security 2025 Premium like I Did Today Thought it was Version older Version COMODO Internet Security 2022 Premium


I wanted to know why it didn’t arrive via cis without me needing links so the product could automatically update to the new version.

Do you know if this 2025 version is linked to the Valkyrie? like XICitium’s product has.

IF NOT Valkyrie It Has These Cloud Features Analysis For Cloud File Rating Settings Screenshot

@New_Style_xd @mrtrout
The versions from the website have in recent years been a trial of the Pro version which then reverts to premium as in the case of .8032 compared to .8012 and the only change was the name and/or year at the top.

Having gone through to the CCAV page which unsupported and only found via internet searches, youv’e simply downloaded a copy of the current beta which is very stable with the 2025 name on the top banner.

There aren’t any differences from the current beta and this one and using the normal link from the website, still just downloads the Pro Trial version and that page still says 2022. The website hasn’t been right for awhile and I’m sure something that will be updated when the stable release does come.

You’ll see it posted on the Forum or CIS/CF will update itself when there is a new version.

Well done for finding a version of the beta with 2025 on the banner but there won’t be any changelong and nothing will be different other than that UI tweak.The official stable isn’t out yet and I doubt that version you have is any way different than the current beta apart from the name unless you can provide concrete evidence that it is.

The versions and sizes differ (naturally, and the hash)…
CIS_2024_beta_3 - (82.8 mb)
CIS_2025 - (82.7 mb)


we will release the CIS 2025 first as a link…so that people can have the security…
we’ll do all the other stuff like updating the website etc later on.
Security first, pretty later on!


The question remains - is this a release or Beta 4? Or CIS 2025 Beta 1?

I don’t know how anyone else feels about it, and it’s a minor issue, but I’m personally not a fan of including the year in the program name. It’s tacky. We’re not even half way through 2024 yet. Better just to do it like before and call it Comodo Internet Security Premium.


CIS 2025 Public release.

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Hi Melih, how soon will we have the chance to play on it?

That is also called CAMAS/CIMA and Valkyrie

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Hi Melih,

I’m surprised we have not had a new topic on here and a link to download the new version when it can be obtained from the ’ Cloud Antivirus ’ page on the main site ?

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It’s a clone page. Fake CAV 2025…

I don’t think this has been done yet because the 2025 version has not officially been released yet.
I think that’s it. more here and it takes a long time to get answers about the new version of CIS