Comodo Internet Security 2024 v12.3.1.8104 beta

One year or so, I said more or less this:

  • I do not understand why the company not ask for ±5$ for each download (what are free in past)!
  • the paid comodo must be more efficient and/or more options and pay what others pay …

So, if they do it (all paid comodo version), and the Boos pay some people to improve the new version and solve the bugs…

I m like this person
" domo78


I used the paid version for several years. I saw this gesture as donate to the support.

When the visibility of CIS’s future became zero, I stopped. Since then, I’ve been using the free version 8012.

If a new stable version comes out, I’ll start using the paid version again.

If there’s no stable version by June, I’ll switch to another solution."

Totally agree… most… I do not know if I expect to June, because my renew is before . I am going to put an alert to do that.

Thanks for the info CisFan :slight_smile:

Who are the current shareholders?

And the distribution of these to the capital,
I couldn’t find anything online.

I wouldn’t like it to be an investment fund ready to sell to Norton in two years…

Neither Russian or Ukrainian shareholders…

I only take security products that are in NATO :wink: :guardsman:

I too paid for years to support… Then I saw that there are millionaires in Capital… :smile:

Thank you for your interest EricCryptid :slight_smile:

I went back into my Bios and saw that things had changed without my knowledge, such as the system booting over the network.

When I left my PC on standby in the evening, in the morning it was on.

Something automatically brought him out of sleep.

In short, I updated the BIOS to the latest version, because the previous one had vulnerabilities.

There are therefore several avenues and I didn’t have enough time to find out more.

Gigabyte Aorus X507 Ultra - Win 11 Pro

Until next time, this week I have work to the limit! :wave: :vulcan_salute:

Is it just me but strange it only appears to work with Firefox and Comodo stopped updating their Firefox based browser nearly 5 years ago but have kept up the Chrome based one :thinking:

It’s also strange that there has been no replies from C.O.M.O.D.O_RT for nearly a month now.

I have noticed that if i use BOINC manager from the BERKELEY institute it works like a trojan it downlodas viruses and cryptocureency stealing and all that from the official website download

maybe XCITIUM_RT took a break and needs some rest

The old forum was a crowded city with lots of user traffic many years ago. The new forum looks like a ghost town…

Well, a lot of things happened since 2011, and dropping projects plus not updating CIS had a huge impact too.

Hi ioannis210

Has Comodo CIS stopped the connection to this BERKELEY institute page, or the Boinc software or the malware that it downloads?

Personally, I wanted to test regCool and I connected to this page Information RegCool to download it with this link:

This action has not been blocked by Comodo CIS.

On the other hand, it was done by Malwarebytes.

It’s good to always repeat the same lietmotif and say that CIS blocks any unknown infection in its sandbox.

But knowing the sites that endanger security is even better.

Because this site decided to have access to my clipboard without asking my opinion…

In my clipboard, there was important and confidential information and a username and password that I had just copied and pasted from the password manager to another software.

For you, has Comodo CIS blocked this unauthorized access to your personal data if you give it a try?

(after emptying your clipboard of course)

I told friends in the IT world that I was worried about the Comodo CIS sequel.

They just admitted to me that by constantly promoting Comodo CIS, I thought I looked like a trendy Geek, whereas I looked more like a nerdy person who was offering security software that wasn’t no longer up to date for too long…

It hurts… my pride took a hit!

(But I remain confident in the possibility of catching up) (They are working on it, that’s why we don’t hear about them anymore…)

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Our protection never stopped protecting.



Recent results 100% as usual and will be Product of the Year again I think for the 3rd time.

There’s also the Comodo Transparency page:

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On Virus Total only one scanner thinks this is malware. In practice this means the detecting scanner is wrong.

When I start RegCool I do get an alert.

When I disable the sandbox I will get a couple D+ alerts it wants to access the com interface but none alert about access to the clipboard.

How did you see RegCool or its website access the clipboard? Are there other security programs running in the background alongside CIS?

I cannot reproduce your findings. You are a user who tinkers a lot with his system and from your posts I gather you are not doing that in a structured way that would allow you to backtrack things you observe to changes you made.


The app itself does not have access to the clipboard service CBDHSvc.dll

I am seeing the same thing when updating Windows Canary Insider builds which use the same procedure. I temporarily uninstall CIS to work around it. I have not looked deeper into what exactly is happening.

:+1: :+1: :+1: Applause! Great ! Is this the current beta version or the next one?

Hello Citizen_K !

Thank you very much for answering my request. It was very nice of you to take the time to try it out and also to reply.

Well done! Indeed, I’m a user who uses everything his computer has to offer.
That’s why I chose Comodo CIS.

To make sure that nothing happens despite these tests (always wise and legal, I might add).
If I only used Word… I might not need such a powerful and reassuring security solution :wink:

To return to the subject of the site in question, here are my explanations:

Ever since the beta version came out, when I download software from a little-known publisher, as a matter of principle, I repeat the operation on other systems to see what happens.

So, after downloading it from the Windows where Comodo CIS is installed, I also downloaded it from the Windows where MalwareBytes is installed.
On this Windows, I got several alerts, one of which told me that the site was accessing my clipboard.
This is quite unusual from Malwarebytes, I don’t think it was a false alarm.

That’s why I asked the question: if a website accesses my Comodo CIS clipboard, will it alert me? (Because I didn’t get an alert, nor did you).
That was my concern.

So, whether I’m a user who tries software that doesn’t always come from the big companies or not, normally doesn’t influence the answer.

Almost everyone “tinkers” at some time or other on their PC, when it’s a personal computer, so I guess we should never ostracize a user, because everyone can relate to the answer.

I was on and it suggested this software as one of several choices.

(On the other hand, from the point of view of beta testing, I think it’s a good thing that a user can see what could happen in real life…)

( Otherwise, there would be no need for Comodo to make the beta public, If it was just to keep the notepad running…)

Hi Tachion !

Thanks for the help

In fact, it’s the site itself, via the Ms Edge browser, that seems to have wanted to access my clipboard.