Comodo Internet Security 2024 v12.3.1.8104 beta

I understand that CISfan, im not saying we should choose a paid Comodo product with the same bugs as the free version, perhaps i wasn’t clear enough on that point. I believe users should either wait patiently or move to other product until a good final version is out anything besides that is futile in my opinion.

CIS users have been waiting for more than 20 years to get bug fixed and you tell them to wait patiently, again? LOL :rofl:
Now that’s what I call futile!

Well, we were given a release estimate for the beta to be released in late December with a stable by February. If nothing else, I’d say it obligates a little communication if they won’t make either date, which they haven’t. I’m personally less concerned about the lack of release than I am about radio silence. If they don’t have a firm date, don’t give one. They chose to give two. I’m fine with patience. It’s the lack of consideration of spending two minutes to write a post that bothers me.

You shouldn’t do that either. We don’t know how many are also satisfied with it. Protection - that’s all I need and the program does an excellent job. That’s just my experience, not my opinion.
If this all annoyed me so much, I would choose another software, what’s the problem?
Bitdefender is good, Kaspersky, Norton or Avast. I would just switch.

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I think dev team wants to do one last beta (in feb) before a general release in March…
I asked them to provide more insight…


Comodo advertises CIS with features that don’t work and does this for more then 20 years, that’s the problem!

Since the beta started, I’ve only asked one question: “Will this new release have an ‘ask’ option for containment?” This option would show an alert instead of automatically containing the file. @ozer.metin from the staff created a feature request for it, which has received the highest number of votes from users. I’ve asked about this feature three or four times, with a gap of 15-20 days each time, to see if it will be included in this release. Every time, @C.O.M.O.D.O_RT from the staff gives me the same reply: “Let me check with the team and update you.” It has been five months, and I’m still waiting for a clear response to my feature request.

Step by step.

The priority is to fix known bugs.
Evolutions can come later.

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which features don’t work?

See the list of current bugs…

  1. Silent mode firewall silently blocks network access for unrecognized applications and does not log the block.
    where does comodo advertise that this is not how it should work?
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They never focus on web protection & malicious & phising websites blocking in realtime which is one of the most important things in modern cyber world.

[quote=“nanto01, post:466, topic:360250, full:true”]
They never focus on web protection & malicious & phising websites blocking in realtime which is one of the most important things in modern cyber world.

One of those things a lot of users don’t get about CF/CIS. No matter where the file came from, browser download, addon, drive-by download, fake installer download, email attachment, literally anywhere a file gets saved to memory or disk, CIS/CF will automatically analyse and Contain/Sandbox it. Lots of Internet Security software programs, the likes of Avast for example, have several separate protection “shields” whereas CIS/CF only requires one to monitor memory and disk and then the Containment and firewall component to contain the unknown file and block it from connecting out. The other components in CIS/CF are additional layers to the protection hence why it’s so light on the system.

There is a Web Protection component enabled by default though I’ve only found it works with Firefox and iexplorer, Melih has linked a video a few times now that explains how CIS/CF works

Phishing wise. It’s rue, phishing is important so built-in browser protection e.g. Google Safe Browsing and Edge’s SmartScreen cover that along with extensions like Netcraft but CIS/CF will protect your PC from any infections including the lates Rats and Ransomeware as @cruelsister has demonstrated several times.

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In any case, there are not 36,000 ways to know what Comodo CIS 2024 will be worth: You will have to read the tests from the specialized sites to which it will be submitted.

Otherwise… another subject…

Do you know the reliability history in the control panel / System and Security / Security and Maintenance?

There is a reliability monitor.

See if Comodo has encountered any problems…

So, according to you, the attack I received from a third party who entered my PC from the outside, without using any program inside my PC, I dreamed it?

Nanto01 is unfortunately right…

You really are the nicest boss in the cybersecurity space!

You also don’t know where your developers’ progress is and you quietly give them time to finish their project.

that’s really cool!

If everyone could be like that!

Notice to young graduates from new cyber engineering schools: This is where you should apply!

At least, at Comodo there is an entrepreneurial spirit worthy of the name!

If you stop by their office, please offer them a coffee from us :slight_smile:

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Interesting. So someone bypassed / hacked your NAT network router, infiltrated your PC with no firewall alerts, dropped and successfully executed malware all while CIS/CF was installed? Which elements of your PC were infected? What is your CIS/CF configuration?

If you can provide evidence then it can be investigated further.

Me too… I would like a thorough investigation…

But… sorry, no proof, just that since I didn’t come back to the forum, I spent my time trying to correct the problem and had to format and reinstall Windows.

Most of my traffic went through a VPN.

Are you sure that CIS 2024 filters VPN traffic?

I would love to help you, as usual, but, unfortunately, I had to uninstall, format and reinstall Windows.

As you can imagine, it wasn’t very pleasant. But, hey, this NEVER happened with the official, non-beta CIS. At one point, here, I reported that I had connections going to Russia, but no one reacted at that time.

I have two questions about this:

  1. Would Comodo CIs see an “attack” via a BIOS flaw?

  2. Is Comodo CIS based containment system on Microsoft Silverlight? I know at one point that was the case, right?
    But since development of Silverlight stopped, has it been replaced by more secure technology?

I did a low level erase of my disks and as a result… Bitlocker hardware no longer works at all despite several days of trying…

So I’m not very happy.

But, it’s the game, since I wanted to participate in the beta test…

I hope at least that the feedback from my telemetry will have been useful :-))

Melih is no longer Comodo boss and it’s no surprise that he doesn’t know what CIS developers are doing because it’s not his business anymore.
Despite Melih asking for more CIS development status insight we didn’t hear anything yet.

There is a known issue with CIS/CF filtering VPN traffic with some VPN adapters.

I referenced this in a reply to the devs at end of last year: when installed CIS/CF adds the firewall driver to your network adapters but this doesn’t seem to work with some adapter types and something that they are apparently working on.

I don’t have knowledge regarding BIOS but @ilgaz and @C.O.M.O.D.O_RT should be able to provide further information / assistance.

Wherever the malware came from, it should have been block/contained by CIS/CF as soon as it was saved to disk/ram or accessed.

What configuration were you using?