Comodo Internet Security 2024 v12.3.1.8104 beta


Here to provide “common user” feedback. Alpha version is over, since Beta is released, but still… :

  • Why CIS2024 doesn’t have the option to install Geek Buddy anymore?

  • Can you return the “advanced view” / (compact items) as big icons for options isn’t much useful.

  • CIS2024 beta seems to have lost the options to edit the “Common Task Pane” widget’s bar.

  • Also, having a registry scanner would be nice. In the past, COMODO used to sell COMODO PC Tune Up, but its not available anymore and before that the glorious COMODO System Utilities was one of the best piece of software out there. Also, previously, Geek Buddy “technicians” used to be able to run COMODO PC Tune Up from their end (in remote session) and clean up PC registry which they can’t do anymore. In sum, please bring back PC registry scanner!

Hoping the official release will bring back those features!

Thanks for continuing to improve COMODO products,


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Hello burialfaith !

(I respond to burialfaith )

(Please do not block my message, because it is a question of whether the new version 2024 could be implemented new functions based on the excellent achievements of the past. So this might concern the new version. I really don’t see how this can harm or bother you?
All it takes is for someone to say no and everyone will understand.
Censoring leaves another image.)

In this case, it would also be really cool to see the excellent ones come back:

  • Comodo Programs Manager

as well as :

Who misses a lot

Without forgetting :

  • Comodo Leak Test


which I used to change their security suite to everyone I shared it with! (After the test, they all switched to Comodo!)

It was the best advertisement for Comodo CIS, but at the same time we could verify that everything was ready on the system.

What I think is a shame is that I took the trouble to develop all of this, without following it up…

But, I end up understanding that software maintenance is as difficult as development, if not more, also because of the transition to 64 bits.


However, I told myself that it would surely be possible to integrate all of this into a fantastic security suite without any competition…

(All with very good graphic consistency)

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When will the finale be released, can the Comodo staff tell you?

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4-5 months beta and … absolutely nothing … Every time the same … you only disappoint loyal users …

Did they give up on it ???

I do not believe in this.

Good protection from the start, no rush.

Then just wait another 3 years…
By that time nobody uses it anymore.


Correction, it took them more then 2 years to paint the face of the old product.
Indeed the number of fixed bugs is shameful.


Why is the website database not updated?
Answer Comodo Group.

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Hi, could you please share the latest download links again for offline installers for both beta and stable versions/firewall and internet security?

Added Links to the bottom of the first post.

I don’t understand people complaining and asking the same question over and over again, “are we there yet”… Its a free product and as such they don’t have the same obligations as if it was a paid product, im sure most people would agree with this. Be patient and wait for the awesome final product or switch to another firewall. Portmaster, Sandboxie and KVRT is an awesome combo. No disrespect towards any user.

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even if the wait is long and Comodo’s communication can be improved, I agree with you.

With that attitude then just wait till eternity guys. Comodo will not fix anything anymore…

And besides, is the Paid version better than the Free version? Simple answer: Absolutely No!
So if you’re are willing to pay for bugs then go ahead.

I used the paid version for several years. I saw this gesture as donate to the support.

When the visibility of CIS’s future became zero, I stopped. Since then, I’ve been using the free version 8012.

If a new stable version comes out, I’ll start using the paid version again.

If there’s no stable version by June, I’ll switch to another solution.

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I agree with you both Peace1 and domo78.

Again: As long as comodo protects my computer everything is fine. And this does it. What should I wait for? A few more buttons, protection is what I need it for, nothing else. Comodo doesn’t cause me any problems.

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Don’t generalize, what works for you doesn’t work for others…

Just to be clear, im not defending Comodo the company as i agree with Domo’s post regarding “wait” and “communication”. What im saying is that any company that produces a free product doesn’t have the same obligation towards a customer as a paid product has. In other words they can put the product and bugfixes on the backburner, ignore forum posts and focus on a paid product, they have the right to do that.