Comodo Internet Security 2024 v12.3.1.8104 beta

I don’t really understand the indication of the analysis of the installer of the beta version on

I see Ukraine and Russian over and over again.

Isn’t Comodo Software a Western company?

If I did not choose Kaspersky, it is out of fear of the risk linked to the possibility of having infiltrated developers.

What is this information:

Contained Resources by Language


Around me, I have always recommended it. What surprises me is that there are no technical questions regarding malfunctions. Is the telemetry complete and informed of everything?
But, if it informs everything… why are there such blatant errors?
These are the questions I get asked…

I feel like I work for Comodo.

All these errors are very time-consuming.

And also having to relate part (only part) of them on the forum.

I’m giving up for a few weeks, I’m not at peace with the beta.

I took infections and he didn’t see anything. I can no longer enter my passwords, I’m afraid of having them stolen.

To continue, I would have to be paid :smiley:

The guys need to work peacefully.

See you soon !

Another example: It is written that he “asked” me: But he never asked me anything at all! I didn’t have a window for this. (No warning)(Before, I would have had it)

This is the only alert I received

If you have questions about updating the antiviral database

If I’m a newbie, I really don’t understand why, if the processes are “APPROVED” here, why, in this case I still have more than 7700 “UNKNOWN” files which are the same in fact?

Why, if the files have been transmitted, does Comodo CIS not do the purging itself?

Why no Antivirus events, when we can see elsewhere that this is the case. In the past, everything was there! (He found some viral infections where are they)

As for the firewall, it does more than worry me!

With the same exact configuration as before, it no longer asks me for connection authorization for applications, whereas this was systematically the case before.

I installed an “exotic” application to test, unsigned, but safe, DiskInternals Drive Map and others from the same publisher: It never asked me if a process wanted to connect.

Yet I had arranged for him to do it!

It’s going to be very hard to find a security suite as good as what Comodo CIS offered in terms of control and alerts. Hopefully they don’t simplify everything!


Just coming back to say that Comodo CIS could not control connections via VPN, but after its complete uninstallation, the VPN (NordVPN) completely lost its connection.

If this helps developers…

Don’t I understand something? Comodo constantly warns me about insecure connections (if http instead of https), saying that passwords etc. could be spied out and even stops secure shopping and closes it because of an attempt to access my computer (now I know it is ADOBE).

Hello Prodex!

Me too ! But before the beta version!

I’m on Windows 11.

And in system settings I enabled all Windows security.
“Virtualization”, “Bitlocker” (hardware), “guard” included.

I’m on AMD and Gigabyte.

Secureboot? Everything matters. I was not asked any elaborate questions.

Did I do an SFC /Scannow? How is my system?

What network card drivers do I have? Virtualbox Network?

Etc., etc…

But, never here has anyone from Comodo asked me the question.

Unfortunately I uninstalled everything. I won’t be able to be useful now. Maybe I’ll come back in a month or two to share if I’ve reinstalled.

I will continue to follow the information on this forum page, especially the information from those who are not affiliated with Comodo. (These are the most precious)

I think we should let them work quietly and that the mistake comes from Management in announcing too early a product currently in embryonic development.

I will wait…

But staying under Comodo CIS, for the moment, is no longer possible. I am no longer productive. Computer slows down too much and too many small errors waste time. Not to mention the time to report part of it on the forum.

It was too early. We are at the phase where testers are paid. The public phase was launched too early. It is important that they do not miss the launch on the market and the first tests by PCMag for example.

It’s better to have a well-finished product than to release it too soon.

I would add that I love Comodo CIS and that it would be a real loss for me if they did not release the 2024 version!

I just think that this company is missing a Director! He must have gone to Xcitium! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Any chance we can finally get a “Go to the Rule” context menu option when clicking an item in the Firewall Events log, similar to “Search Rules” in Windows Firewall Control? So clicking on an item in the log would open the Application Rules tab of Firewall Settings and auto enter the app’s name in the search?

I realize it’s technically a feature request, but it’s a rather glaring omission that’s present in other firewalls that should be an easy one to implement. The 2024 version kind of lacks in the improvements department, so including minor QoL improvements in the final or soon after would really be great.

The default firewall preset for secure ports is only TCP for port 443 which is http protocol. If you amend that port set to TCP and UDP then it should cover those. It’s only something I’ve experience with Windows 11 and not Windows 10. I’ve already made Devs aware a few times now so I’m presuming it’s something they’re fixing for the next version.
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What I’ve ended up doing is creating Outbound TCP to 443 rules for those blocked but it;'s quite straight forward.

I start Forza Horizon 5 and about 10 seconds into the startup screen the game just crashes. This can happen even if I disable all Comodo modules. No application is reported as blocked in the logs. After uninstalling Comodo, the game plays fine.

I googled it a lot and in previous Comodo versions this was solved by disabling the shell code execution protection (by whitelisting Forza Horizon). However I cannot find any such setting in Comodo anymore.

Thanks for this advice.

Found it, thank you very much!

When you install CIS from scratch, the database of sites is only 40, but there should be 67633

From Russia you can only access the forum through a VPN. Why did they do this?

Hi @Varan-de-C0m0d0 , thank you very much for sharing feedback continuously! In order for us to further dig into the issues you are facing, the logs from the affected endpoint(s) will be extremely helpful for us to determine the problem(s) and provide fix asap.

How can you expect for users to provide logs when it doesn’t seem like there is any progress with CIS regarding newer builds, where is the 3rd beta that was aimed to be released back by the end of last December? Is there even going to be another beta build or are you guys skipping it and aiming for a final release?

But what logs do you need for when CIS doesn’t detect all processes running?

Or when CIS incorrectly shows a non-existent running process?

Or virtual desktop bypass by running windows task manger via ctrl+alt+del shortcut and terminating the virtkiosk process even if HIPS is enabled.

And now after installing last months windows update, can no longer run virtual desktop as it crashes and never completes the task of launching or exiting when it can’t load in a timely manner.

Also cmdguard crash after reset containment.

Finally containment restriction levels are not applied correctly for applications that are executed by windows explorer.

When is the CIS finals 2024 scheduled to be released?


The most important question for me now is whether the fact that the development is mainly in Russian, as Virustotal’s analysis seems to indicate, is a real problem or a figment of my imagination?

Every inhabitant of this planet deserves our esteem of course, but strong currents of oppositions are running through it at the moment and I do not want to be a collateral victim.

I had this idea when I saw with what disdain the question of the fact that I had connections going to Russia was evaded.

I repeat, I love everyone, but I do not want my data to be caught up in international influences.

Above all, I want to know to whom I entrust the keys of the system, in the same way that I do not entrust the keys to my house to just anyone.

Alas… they waited until I completely uninstalled CIS and said I couldn’t come back anytime soon, to ask me for the logs…

Imagine a mechanic:

You agree to test his new carburetor. it doesn’t work well. You come back every day to tell him. To do this you have to cross the city with your faulty car (your car) and wait in front of the garage.
After 3 months, you’re fed up. You announce that you have thrown the car into an old salt mine for at least the next 3 months, but that you are nice, that you like this car too much and that you will come back with it one day.

After 8 hours of long walking, when you return home on foot, the mechanic tells you:

“Don’t you have a photo less than 01 hours old of the back of the hot carburetor?”

Thank you ilgaz for your interest ,

I could have spent hours and hours tracing the errors for you and trying to help you as best I could.

But, I was the victim of a lack of interest on the part of people who should have had it.

Because the technical interest in the bugs that I encountered was obviously the interest on your part for your own product.

It is certain that it is not your fault and that the task you have to accomplish must be stretched out over time due to lack of sufficient staff.

So I’ll come back later.

I’m not going to stay on the forum to criticize, although I think you probably need some morale boosting and good vibes for all of you.

So see you soon !

Rome was not built in a day…

Hello, Comodo Team
What does it mean in the updates window? “Use full signature database”
… Thanks

To improve performance, a few years ago, CIS changed to using a streamlined signature base by default as it uses a mixture of local and cloud signatures. You can enable the feature which will download all of the signatures though it did slightly affect performance at my end. Either way both signature bases are used whether you choose to have the full signature base stored locally or not as CIS checks against local and cloud signatures.

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Is it planned to increase the size of fonts or entire windows in the new CIS?
or… is it possible to enlarge the font somehow?