Exciting News: Comodo Internet Security 2024 Beta Now Open for Testing!

Installed Beta. Installer ran fine, detected basic eircar file download, runs very light on system. All securities enabled apart from HIPS on default configuration.

Time to do some testing with configuration changes.


Can we import the configuration of the release 8012 in CIS 2024 ?

Thank you for your answer

we did do some big overhaul …
Your help is very much appreciated testing in your environments (of course its a beta and goes with beta disclaimers)

What makes Comodo so strong is you guys! Lets make Users Safe Again!
Thank you!


Yes you can. For now no issue , im just not sure if HIPS works its enabled.
Thanks for new Update, much awaited. ( Win 11 latest Home )

I imported from in CIS 2024.

Does this version have training or learning for containment like we use in Xcitium latest version with 14 days of training mode?

We have installed on 2 machines win 11 without any issues.

Proactive with @cruelsister Containment tweak works fine at my end.

With Proactive Firewall Default Fireawall ruleset to Alert Incoming, Edge Blocked for Port 443 to (TCP HTTPS Protocol Out) and Multicast 1900 UDP out to as it did with .8012 but no network or browsing issue.

Intel TDT disabled by default so yet to experiment with that but all in all, working well so far though I’m not much of an extensive tester. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Event Log and Installer Setup still remaining after uninstall:
Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\EventLog\COMODO Internet Security CEF

Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run Comodo Installer Startup Entry

Will see how the Beta develops.

Thank you will wait for new release

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Hi EricCrypted thank you for sharing us this info.This info helps us determine if we fixed the issues or not.

Thanks 1807
Best Regards Xcitium Team

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Thank you M for following up with the release of a security product that even most IT pros don’t seem to fully understand… and btw it’s a TEAM effort. Your guys and the users. MUSA; Make Users Safe Again! Wishing everyone a successful launch.


Hi CommodoUser2019 Thank you for sharing us this info we appriciate your feedback with the Team.

Thanks 1807
Best Regards Xcitium Team

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Sshhh…don’t tell them this…they think they know it all :wink:


for the current beta testing version which is being used mostly would it be or which is being tested on? thanks.

The version is suitable for testing.

thank you so much for the confirmation.

It seems that the training mode in CIS is only available for the HIPS module and the containment does not have such a mode.

You welcome. You can directly download the correct version from the link given by @ilgaz as it has been fixed from the wrong version (

The items that contain JSON only exist in the beta versions and are used for generating dumps as shown in your screenshot. This concern was explained by Devs many years ago.

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@1807 @ilgaz What are the current fixes we are waiting from the next beta update? Can you guys add them as a new section in the main post?

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