Comodo Internet Security 2019 v12.0.0.6882 – Released

Hi All,

We are pleased to announce release of Comodo Internet Security 2019 v12.0.0.6882.

Here are the details:

Online Setup Details

Comodo Internet Security Premium
Size: 5.4M ( 5637360 )
MD5: 36ea4d3e5331812f6d045e2bfc893f05
SHA1: 7be07df8fb95419670b85efd1b65ffde79b8daaf

Comodo Antivirus
Size: 5.4M ( 5637352 )
MD5: 7d0da57c318e9a60d70d740bfa56dc0e
SHA1: ab1ed9eda6ee55fb65abd3c16a9385fa66241846

Comodo Firewall
Size: 5.4M ( 5637352 )
MD5: 57fbd3c15b02de94aecf6d74cc040569
SHA1: e9c772f76bdf031b49f41f91077e90e1e8ef4af1

Offline Setup Details:
Comodo Internet Security Premium (Firewall and Antivirus only)
Size: 65,0 MB (68.186.664 bytes)
MD5: E0B576A13816E77FF4AC344AB4387B01
SHA-1: 77AE547F1625903ACD6281172714244F7B03636F
Moderator’s note: the off line installer for this version is not officially announced by Comodo but is available for download at the url which always provides the latest available stable version.

Changes comparing to previous release


  • Added support of Chrome 76 for web-filtering


Please note, this release has been rolled out for new users.
We shall be rolling out updates for existing users over the next few weeks.

Comodo Internet Security Team.

Many thanks - will try it out as always :-TU

Will there be an offline installer for version or will it be no longer available?


Thanks for the release. Looking forward to trying it out this evening :slight_smile:


It wouldn’t complete an upgrade on a Win10 Pro system (no doubt due to some other things I run), asking for a reboot and then not continuing after the restart, so went with a a Clean Install. Everything running well. The theoretical vulnerabilities referenced and fixed, are way above my skills sets to verify . . .

I noted there was a slight update to Secure Shopping, but this again is the only Comodo module (and other software) I’ve found that still insists on the standard Temp folder Environmental settings - instead of a RAM Drive, so I had to fiddle with that again!

Still find about a dozen unrecognized Vendors after the install - only 2 of which are running any software on my system, so I deleted them along with many others in pruning the list down

Apart from that, all looking fine

Great news !!! Great team! :-TU
I try it now unpick the old one and reinstall the new version … ;D ;D ;D

I was able to update to this version from 6870 using the program updater. I also noticed recognizercryptolocker is updated to version

But where does web security for Chrome come from?

I don’t find any new settings on this point …

The automatic deletion of malware recognized in USB drives still does not occur at all.
In detail:
They are recognized and blocked in execution but are not deleted.
But the executables, if I try to open them are recognized, blocked and deleted, instead the other non-executables (example * .zip, * .txt) are blocked but not deleted.
Manual scanning of the USB instead eliminates everything.

So there is still to improve this aspect of USB drives. :wink:

Website filtering is built into CIS in the settings. CIS blocks malicious /phishing pages but I use COS addon which adds some usability etc. For example, if you try and go to the Amtso test phishing page, you won’t be able to open it. See

COS comes with Dragon by default but you can add it to FF or chrome from the add-on store. Having that addon tells you whereas without it, the page just gets blocked. They’ve just added support to block in the latest chrome without the addon.


is 6882 compatable with XP or no?

Looks like the hips bug with 1903 has been fixed as well with this release.

I already use COS in Chrome and I feel good, it works great, but they should improve phishing protection a little bit more.
From this site many pages are not blocked:

I thought that in this version they had implemented web protection for Chrome, in the sense that there would no longer be a need for COS or other add-ons in Chrome to improve protection from malicious websites.

Anyway thanks as always for the information. :wink: :smiley: :-TU

Thank ! :-TU

You see what I mean? There are vulnerabilities in the older version, but you “shall be rolling updates over the next few weeks”, instead of NOW. Bad move.

Good job.

The update from version v12.0.0.6870 went without a problem.


is 6882 compatable with XP or no?
It may or may not work, if it does it wont get any comodo support. We can still try to help you on the forum here, but understand that there no guarantee. The farther down the road it goes the less likely for compatibility.
CIS 2019 - This version will no longer updated on Windows XP and Windows Vista essentially making it the last supported version for those OSes

Congrats with the release.

This release was only to fix the vulnerabilities reported by Tenable. Future releases will have other fixes as has been stated.

Comodo must have changed its mind. I got the update announced by the automatic program updater and I updated to 6882.

I don’t think there are exploits in the wild for the reported vulnerabilities so in that respect there is immediate need to update. Usually Comodo first releases updates to the forums as an extra step before releasing for the wider audience.

so, comodo is fixing only the frufru things? what about the problemas related everywhere? like cpu spikes, cis gui frozen, the usb problems, win10 1903 incompatibilities, etc…? all for later releases? for how long? until we all say goodbye to the product? its getting hard the wait… i need to install win 10 1903 in some machines but im, still, waiting for an cis release that is fully compatible with this win edition… but until now i only see these stupid updates coming up… :frowning: sorry my words but this is getting sick guys… you need to focus on the real bugs, the real problems… all pointed out for a long time and many times…