Comodo Internet Security 2019 v12.0.0.6818 – Released


Can we please have hash values published on the main main site download page? (perhaps bellow the download button? or thankyou page)
Also i cant find hash for the bases.cav file? this also should be published on the relevant page.
thanks :slight_smile:

Thanks for your suggestion, SkyN3t. We will notify appropriate team regarding this. They will work on it.

Looks like it doesn’t really finish installing the new av db, check the C:\ProgramData\Comodo\Cis\signatures folder for more than one .cav file.

That has nothing to do with the crashing as you would still see those errors without any application crash. Those errors can be ignored as it is just Windows complaining it doesn’t have the security catalog information for guard64.dll.

this happens to me too.

I use Windows 10 32 bit.

This version of CIS has quite a few bugs.

Solve !!! :wink:

Thank you! :smiley:

Hi guys,
i’ve the same problem.
Window 10 64 ver 1809

Where can i download v12.0.0.6810???

Seems it’s a bug, in fact. I wondered why this is always disabled, again.


I thank you but it’s not that easy. When a new version is released, all the connections (even the previous ones) refer to the latest version v12.0.0.6818

Perhaps this link can help you:

from here:

What’s going on with the offline installer? Every time I try to download it it downloads most of the way and then says “failed”. When I click retry it then completes, but the installer is unusable.

Hi Prodex,
on the link Comodo Internet Security Release Notes
the required version is not present (it is still at 11).
On the other links, as I said, it gives access to the latest version.
Thanks anyway.

Yes, I know, I thougt you wanted a previous version.

Nothing! :wink: (Please don’t take it seriously.)

I just loaded down all released versions. No problems.

When I installed cis offline or online, it worked. Perhaps you must allow downloading, installing in fw or/and HIPS or in ‘Unblock Applications’. One of my configurations is minimized because I had problems with WindowsUpdates, then it functioned. Or disable HIPS and set firewall in trainig modus.

Hi caesar2019,

Thank you for reporting. We are checking.

When will inspect the Valkyrie in CIS?

Same answer as before:

still can’t really believe you added vendor under file criteria. well done guys! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I don’t think so. I have no issues downloading any other programs. I can download all of the online installers too, but the offline one fails every time.

Oh man. The bug that shows that CIS is not up-to-date is still here?? Ever since FCU update Action Center shows that CIS out-of-date.

There it was again, the blue screen. Why don’t I use the bug report? It’s useless because No matter what I’m doing right now, suddenly the blue screen appears. So I could report “dozens” of events. it’s completely unspecific.

I opened the file list or wanted to open it, the program froze, it opened a bluescreen.

Now I will stay with version 11 for the time being.