COMODO Internet Security 2013 v 6.0.260739.2674 released!

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Sometimes I am getting this error on dragon after installing CIS 6 Final. I dont know if its CIS 6 prob or dragon or Comodo server prob. I just installed CIS 1 hour back.

Anyone getting this error?

Yes i experienced this when logging into the forum.

Then it seems Comodo server prob…

yes most likely.
Is the virtual kiosk a light or fully fledged virtual environment?
If i browse in there and come across malware then imreasonably safe???

To enable/disable sandbox popup notification.

It is fully virtualized.

In previous beta when the notification messages was disabled & AV was set to autoquarantine, the autoquarantine alert were also not shown.

How is it now?

[quote author=Siketa link=topic=89185.msg643844#msg643844 date=1355943238]
It is fully virtualized.
Thank you siketa. :-TU

+1 So Far, So Great… Is CIS6!

So what are the best settings ie v5 I had proactive security, safe mode FW D+, AV stateful, unrecognized files restricted and opera sanboxed partially limited.

“Cannot install COMODO Internet Security Error: 1603. Fatal error during installation”. :frowning:

(:LOV) Ben brave and have my Christmas present from the super team of Comodo

Thanks a looot have Blast Christmas People and enjoy it with your Familys
And one word to the Comodo Boss :P0l give your People a schort coffee break before They start developing CIS 7. :love:

Ive tried to incorporate the settings i had with v5 into v6.
I cant see any way of changing the av settings,stateful,on access etc.
The other settings were fine.

Or “real-time” updating for both.

Its not on CIS6 or Comodo - have the message today on CIS5 before uninstaling , apears during posting a comment here on the forum.
Im sure the have some technical issue and hope it will be fixed


no problem with the fact that they just release the final version without rcs or whatever… but!!!


Anyway, Ill wait for the final six in ptBR to installl on my running system…

What OS are you on? With one of my two Win 8 installations it takes five or so minutes for it to load.

I tried that but it did not help. What OS are you using?

I am keeping it at 6 hrs. The av now will build a cache to keep it running lighter. Setting the update frequency higher may take away this advantage.

Remember that there are still signatures in the cloud and the automatic sandbox to keep you safe. 8)

It is a message from the forum software. With regards to the fact that you just installed CIS 6: Post hoc ergo propter hoc

Could you plzz explain the above bold in little detail?

I opened Virtual Kiosk to open a file which was on desktop. By mistake on Virtual Kiosk instead of clicking the file I clicked on the cross mark which removed the file from the Virtual Kiosk desktop. Strange now the cross marks are not there. Previously there was cross marks on evrything to remove it but they are not appearing now.

How to add the file again on Virtual Kiosk Desktop?

On Tablet Mode rightclick doesn’t works.

On Classic Mode rightclick works so I tried to copy the file from desktop & paste in the VK Desktop but nothing happened.

Just go advanced task,open advanced configuration, then go to security settings, defense + settings,click on hips then behavior blocker, finally click on define exceptions for behavior blocking.