COMODO Internet Security 2013 v 6.0.260739.2674 released!

I had the same thing. I uninstalled comodo dragon. downloaded newly released comodo dragon
installed it. then tried…still didn’t work. then all i did was reset sand box and that did it i can launch kiosk any time i want.
works great

Since this is a final release, you will report bugs in the usual place:

I’m heading there soon! :-\

Could we expect a review of CIS 6 final from languy99 ? ;D

Excellent work guys!

CIS 6 is a great platform for the future of security.

Waiting ends!! Great job :-TU

I will wait for the next stable release. And how can this be final? Where was RC? Did I miss it in BETA? Or final means RC?

Three betas and a release seems a little rushed to me too! ???

Installed & running fine on Win 7 64…

TrustConnect is free or paid in this version?

I think it would be good if the Virtual Kiosk installation creates a shortcut of Virtual Kiosk on the desktop.

Trustconnect is a paid product.

The free version was discontinued because of

Thanxx for the info.

Then I will disable TrustConnect option.

;D god dam, i go to bed dreaming of a new version 6 beta maybe after the new year…go to work… come back and its final version!.. i am a bit confused as to how this happened so quick without an Rc, but hey, its here now lets give the devs some credit and hope loads of bugs arent identified which will make some members say it was released too soon.

Lets enjoy and trust the devs have made the right decision launching Cis 6 now.

User Interface - Show notification messages - What messages is this for?

The default for autoupdate of virus database is 6 hours, I have set it to 1 hour, what you guys have set it to?

running very nice here.I have it set to one hour but is there anyway of configuring comodo to show that an update has taken place?

I am also searching for that option thats why I asked about “show notification messages” above your post.

What notification messages it give?

1 hour too.

I think they should change the default autoupdate setting to 1 or 2 or 3 hours.

Btw, signs are always put in cloud before DB update… But still, they should change to 1,2, or 3.

Everythings running smoothy, But with this version im back to not having my right click context menu scans working. Same thing happen with the first beta. Second beta it worked fine. Didn’t go to the third. Dont understand or know what to do to get it to work again.

It says it has checked for program updates but has not said anything about virus db yet.
Maybe this is included within “program update”?