Comodo Ice Dragon Ver_40 is now available for download.

Hi All,

Comodo Ice Dragon Ver_40 is now available.

This release will also update existing Ice Dragon users.

What is new?

-Firefox code base 40 has been merged.
-Portable mode has been enhanced and added.
-Tablet mode for our tablet users has been added. Check this out and you will find some really cool stuff.
-Performance and speed enhancements has been implemented.
-As always, we have done some bug fixes.

Thank you for your all feedback for COMODO Browsers. We really appreciate all of your contributions to provide you a great browser.

I would like to also inform you that we now have a bigger development and QA team to keep the production line going faster.

Please keep the feedback coming, positive and negative.


I added bold and blue to a sentence about bigger upcoming release speed. Eric

I hope the next update will be come next days…
Firefox fixed 5 critical security vulnerabilities in then newer code bases and other 16 security hole patched,too. So this IceDragon version is vulnerable against those security holes.
Comodo has bad reputation than Internet Explorer on the market.
Guys we do not wait new features from you, just update the browser against security holes! Because Comodo is security company. I am going to tell the same things and you will tell the same things again. I know the senario here…

You said “I would like to also inform you that we now have a bigger development and QA team to keep the production line going faster.”
did you remember, you guys said this on v38 release :-TD

Do not make promises please, just work!

yigido (an old time IceDragon user)

Thanks to both of you! And, yes, more frequent updates would certainly be appreciated! Especially since Firefox Aurora is now up to version 43!!

Aurora isn’t a release version. It isn’t even a beta version. Why should Comodo compare their browser version to a pre-beta? Mozilla is at 41 and that’s where Comodo should be too.

good job guys!

Congrats with the new release and the part in bold and blue makes me happy. That will make many users happy who are concerned about security aspects.

It’s portable? YAY! ABOUT TIME! I am still using 26 because I need portability.

Will try it out now.

Good job, although wish you thought about portability in 38. I only use CID in portable mode from the cloud as I am on multiple computers and not going to re-install a ton of extensions and settings on multiple systems. Had to do it this time for 40, complete clean install away from 26 and took over an hour to get all extensions and settings working correctly form 26 into 40, but appears worth it. So thanks. Clean install works as expected.

So is CID going through comodo’s DNS severs anymore? I presume not.

Thanks for the update, so far so good. :-TU

Hi Chillimon,
It appears as if the Secure DNS option is still missing from this version.
I will have reminded the Developers about this.


I have just installed CID 40 on an Azus Transformer. It’s a tablet with a detachable keyboard. If I use CID and click on any form or any URL address box etc, about to type something on my physically attached keyboard… the VERY annoying virtual (touch) keyboard comes up that appears built into CID. Well maybe part of windows 10, but it only comes up using CID… not firefox, not chrome etc.
I am not using tablet mode, and it still comes up.

I cannot seem to figure out how to get rid of it, it is so annoying. You can press the X on it and turn it off, but as soon as you click on another form field, up it comes again… so annoying, I have a physical keyboard attached, it thinks I do not.

Can anyone help me turn this thing off permanently?

I am about to throw this thing at a wall now.

EDIT I did some tests, looks like it’s windows 10 touch keyboard that is coming up, BUT it only comes up in CID… automatically. Not in any other browser. That requires pressing the touch keyboard yourself. I need CID to stop bringing it up automatically. Any ideas?

Hi Chillimon,
Try disabling ‘Dynamically adapt my UI to 2 in 1 configuration changes’, found in the options general category.

Kind regards.

Thanks for the suggestion, but it does not fix the problem. The only solution I can find is to disable Touch Keyboard and Hand Writing in the services.msc of windows 10. But that turns it off permanently for everything. Which is not exactly what I want, I would have to turn it back on when I switch to tablet mode and disconnect my physical keyboard. But right now it’s better than having it pop up when I am using a keyboard. Strange that this never happened before. Only in CID 40. So something in the settings is making this come up automatically.

Hi Chillimon,
Sorry my suggestion failed, I didn’t have a suitable device to test it on.

Kind regards.

Hello Alp, I asked and requested something from you guys. You did not tell anything?
Source :;msg816591#msg816591

Hello Alp,

I want a under-the-hood change for Comodo IceDragon. Comodo brings security and privacy to us.
Can you please change these strings values in default IceDragon installation, here is the list for about:config changes

privacy.trackingprotection.enabled to true : This is what it does in the name
dom.event.clipboardevents.enabled to false : Because webpage owners trying to learn what we copy-paste on their site!
network.http.sendSecureXSiteReferrer to false : Don’t send the Referer header when navigating from a https site to another https site.

dom.event.contextmenu.enabled to false : Another tracking feature in Firefox code
media.peerconnection.enabled to false : This will prevent WebRTC leak in IceDragon

Please tell me what do you think?


I have never had this happen before with any of the IceDragon installation files. They have always tested 100% clean.

However, this time two out of 56 antivirus engines on the Virustotal website have flagged the Comodo Ice Dragon Ver_40 setup file as infected. They are as follows:

McAfee-GW-Edition Antivirus BehavesLike.Win32.Suspicious.wc
Rising Antivirus PE:Malware.Outbrowse!6.26CA[F1]

I also uploaded this file to the Metascan website and the file tested clean but it uses 43 antivirus scanning engines and some are the same as the Virustotal website.

I downloaded this file from the link given above. Someone else has already checked this file on the Virustotal website and got the same results I did.

What is the explanation for this? Are these false positives and is the file safe to run?

With only two detections of which one is a heuristic detection (BehavesLike.Win32.Suspicious.wc) I would say it is false positive. You can check the signature to see if that is intact. You can report the false positives following How to Report Malware or False Positives to Multiple Antivirus Vendors.

Hello EricJH,

I just got back and re-checked the file on the Virustotal website. McAfee is no longer reporting the file as being infected with the malware (BehavesLike.Win32.Suspicious.wc). That was a quick response on their part to correct the false positive.

I also checked the file signatures and they are both intact.


New version is amazingly speedy. Looking forward to the inclusion of the ad sanitizer extension. So far so good :slight_smile:

Edited to correct addon name.


Cheers guys, so far so good. First thing I noticed is that when using the search box with Google, if I click on a suggested search result it implements properly now. Before for example, if I entered ‘Pink’, a suggestion would come up for ‘Pink Floyd’, but after clicking on that, the Google page would open up with only the words I physically entered in the CID search box as a search, in that example the Google page would just search for ‘Pink’. So I’m pleased with that. Haven’t noticed much else yet but not used the PC much. I’m hoping the Comodo DNS server option can be added at a later date. Nice one! :slight_smile: