Comodo Ice Dragon Ver_40 is now available for download.

After upgrading to the new version - reset the regional language.

How to return the local language. ?!
about:config – no result.

The language pack is installed.
But it is not working.
Ice Dragon - portable.

I returned to the 26 version.
Everything works fine.

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I recieved a Gateway Anti-Virus Alert when I tried to download DownWare.Y (Trojan)???

That is most likely a false positive.

After installing CID 40 as portable a few days ago, today is the first day I opened a New Private Window and to my surprise it is NOT a private window. It’s just a normal new window. It still has me logged into facebook. WTF?

Can someone test this please, are you getting a Private Window or not?

EDIT… NEVER MIND. I figured out my problem, I’ll leave it here in case others have this. You need to NOT set firefox/CID to never remember history in options, privacy for the private window to work while you are browsing. Fixed it.

same problem

Not only the language pack. Even the default theme is not compatible with IceDragon :-TU :wink:

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Just updated to from 38.0.5 and I appear to have lost everything from the last few months. Tabs are open to pages I was browsing months ago. The bad thing is I’ve lost bookmarks, tabs, history and settings I’ve made over the last few months, and I make a lot. Some of them will be very hard to find again. Is there any chance there is a way to reverse this or there is a backup somewhere?

Hi and welcome garn13,
Check under restore in the ‘Import and Backup’ tab of the bookmarks manager.

If there are no backups available in the restore options, maybe a new user profile was created for some unknown reason.
Check the following location to see if you have two user profiles.
If you do have two user profiles, with CID closed copy the ‘places.sqlite’ file from the older profile and paste it into the newer profile selecting ‘Copy and Replace’.

Kind regards.

There is only one profile and the last available backup before today is June 29 and it’s 3 times the size of the current one so I guess I’m out of luck.

Hi garn13,
Sorry I am not sure what has occurred or why there is not a more current backup.

Kind regards.

What happened here? Why so big? Icons only and they are set to small. A new Mozilla idea, trying to win a contest in uselessness/ugliness?

compared to CyberFox

Not sure what you are referring to. Can you post a screenshot?

^ If you mean me, there are 2 screen shots.

once again comodo forgot comodo ice dragon, firefox is at version 42 and comodo ice dragon at version 40, and still whit problems, abd they do not launch one update to resolve them. The language pack dos not work, many complayns and no answer from comodo.

Sorry for not being more clear. I was indeed asking you. Could post the two screenshots?

There are 2 screen shots in that post. Please check your add block, ghostery or whatever might be blocking the images for you.

It’s better to use Additional Options… and attach the image(s) than inserting insecurely linked content from third parties. Depending on browser and configuration, such insecure content may be blocked, as your images are for me.

Hi bioxx,

I’m using CTR with CID and discovered that if you uncheck the small icons box ( screenshot below ) the Icons become small ???

Although it’s to do with CTR I wish we could change the text in the top left as ’ Comodo IceDragon ’ does not fit :cry:

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Just did what you suggested. They are small now but with things like this makes me wonder how much enthusiasm Comodo puts into developing CID.