Comodo Ice Dragon Ver_40 is now available for download.

Glad the suggestion helped :wink:

As IceDragon is actually based on the new Australis ( >:-D ) GUI it appears more to be a bug with CTR rather than IceDragon. Although I have not used it on any other Firefox based browser to see if this is the case.

I am still using Opera 12.17 and it has a quirk where it won’t show linked images on forums when they are hosted on tinypic and imgur. Usually it will show the outline of where the image would be but in this case I didn’t even see that.

MajorGeeks said IceDragon 42 released?

Where are the changelog and release post?

IceDragon 42 Released;msg824634#msg824634

Comodo Ice Dragon V42 is now available for download