Comodo Firewall Wishlist v5[Closed]


Please post any features that you would like to see in future versions of Comodo Firewall.

We look forward to seeing your suggestions!


Maybe already requested. I’ve been trying out Kerio 2.1.5 and i have a note on terminology:

Source and remote- this confuses me, and the main reason i didn’t mess with the rules.

It should be either source and destination;
or make terminology for in or out regardless, with local(our pc) and remote (other).

Maybe it’s irrelevant for CPF 3, but i must say this. One of the things the FW (strictly FW) really needs.

What do you think?

from the previous wishlist:


I would like ICMP to be a protocol option for application rules. additionally, Comodo should prompt for programs sending out pings.

What version of CFP are you running? They have used the terms “source” and “destination” since about version 2.1.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I’ve been PMing soyabeaner and i understood. Sorry, you can even delete it.
I’m trying other FWs, i’ll try Sygate too before returning to Comodo. I never messed with NM when reading the FAQs. But using these “do it yourself” FWs, questions arise.

Sorry for that.

No probs. Just wanted to make sure that you knew that teh latest version had already incorporated this change and we all found their old terminology a tad confusing.

Hope to see you back with CFP shortly.
Ewen :slight_smile:


I really wish a slightly improved UI for the Application Monitor and Component Monitor; the rows one can mark could be better highlighted. It would also be nice being able to navigate with the arrow-keys on the keyboard - not just click every row with the coursor! Also, in the Application Monitor, it is able to delete rules with the keyboards “Delete” key - please add this to the Component Monitor too! Sometimes you have old rules from uninstalled programs that you want to delete as quick and easy as possible.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Right click on applications option for “all” incidents of the application that is indicated, such as Firefox being listed about 10 times. If I choose to delete for example.

I really like comodo firewall so my wish is for it, is to be able to run it on windows xp x64.

In network controls,the grid of rules, would u add a column that for us write comments?
I often forget why set the rule.


Switch to switch off emergency mode possibility (:TNG).

Just wait for v3.0 (first beta is scheduled to be released 16 april). That version will work on x64.

I found this else where and am not if it has been addressed, so here goes:



There are some downright annoying things about this program for people trying to do any sort of forensics:

  1. All logs, rule lists, etc. are special UI widgets. They don’t respond to keyboard input. You can’t down arrow through logs checking for outstanding items. You have to click each one. Boy that really sucks!
  2. The detail box at the bottom of the log screen is way to small and is not resizable. So given #1 and #2, forget rapid review of things that have happened while you were away.
  3. You can’t select text in any of these windows so I hope you like typing if you want to do reverse whois. (A copy to clipboard option is really required here.
  4. Logs are not sortable by clicking column headings. (Can only sort open connections listings by application name.
  5. Forget trying to group logs by IP address or port. This data is concatenated on the end of the Description column. This data should be in it’s own sortable column.

End Quote:

As for me, I say there needs to be the option to create a rescue disk. I didn’t notice it in the stable release of cavs. Also, there must be an option for scanning multiple levels of archived files. Zip files, etc… At least 6 levels deep.

Moderator’s Note: This post was moved from the CAVS Wishlist, as it appears to apply primarily to CFP. The last item noted does apply to CAVS.

Looks like Comodo is a great product to me, however I would like to be able to apply rules to Interfaces rather than IP ranges. I connect to various wireless network but often use my RJ11 to share the conection to PCs That may not have wireless. The IP range on the Wireless Can Change from 10.X.X.X to 192.168.X.X.X As It is I have different .reg exports I apply to chang My settings on Command. Another thing you could add is a option to load and save diferent configs this would be very easy as all you would have to do is save .reg settings its basically what I am doing now.

Thanks for all your hard work
keep it up I have yet to try CAVS or other products but if they maintain this level of Quality and functionality I am sure I would be impressed

I am currently using symantec norton internet security on my vista notebook.
The firewall component handles the program control without bothering me with pop ups. It makes its own decision. Can you incorporate something similar in the newer version CPF. I have CPF on my other computer and there is constant pop ups asking me to grant or deny connection even after i grant access and set to remember. I think many users including myself will opt out of configuring the ports if not require.
Otherwise CPF is a superb firewall. It offers outstanding protection. I cannot wait to see how it progresses and improve. This is a very generous and clever way to advertise. Thank you comodo.

Thank you Comodo for a great Firewall. Since I got into it, I have no idea how I lived without :slight_smile:

Anyhow, since this is a Wishlist :), I wish for (as long as they don’t require more system-resources):

  • more Details! Sometimes my Browser stops working becuause of the Component Monitor. The Details doesn’t help me much because the name ist a row of little boxes… So a Path would be great :slight_smile:
  • the option to remove a specified program from the Connection-Window. Or the option to reduce the details to one row (maybe total in/out but not every connection). Or an option “last-in-list”, so you can see the other connections first. Or maybe a tree-view or something like that. This is as soon I run a program with many connection, you have to search for the others. The Box on the Summary-Page doesn’t really help, because there you can’t see the details…
  • an option to close a specified connection
  • more options to resize (eg the details), sort (logs, application and component monitors), export (eg the IP from the details to the clipboard) and define (custom proxy for update-program, zones with more than one ip-range)
  • a simple and quick way to block a programm (i imagine a checkbox 'disable '. Checked: any connections to/from are blocked. Unchecked: may connect acording the the rules for ). Or maybe rule-sets. Like a set for , one for and one for all (to switch entire rule-set, should be very usefull for laptops, who need to work in different networks).
  • support of different network-adapters (like using wireless and wired networks at the same time, some rules for wireless adapter and others for the wired one. Maybe even rules for both).
  • a second, optional, Log-Window (just an addition, the existing should work like before). I thought of something like that in kerio personal firewall 2.1.5 (not the annoying thing in the later versions), something you can just igonre (and it won’t pop up, even if there are new entries) and which just logs the events of specified application-rules. So you can choose ok, not now, and the window is closed just like it has never been there. Or you can check the entries of this window…

These are the things I had on my mind… Does anybody besides me like to have such things?

Ups, should have looked into previosu wishlists more carefully. Sorry for that!

Thank you everybody at Comodo for a great firewall - I am looking forward to your antivirus when it emerges from beta.

Having been a user of Kerio 2.15 and Outpost (2.7 was last version I used), I really miss the absence of a mode setting. In Outpost you could select from an icon in the tray and kerio had a slider. It meant I could set the firewall to block any connection which did not have a rule explicitly created for it, in addition to a learning mode,stop all and allow all modes. I did look quickly down the wishlist but did not notice it so apologies if somebody has suggested this already! 88)

I think Kerio and Outpost did a lot of things right with their respective software in terms of the interface and features and you can gain an idea of what makes a good firewall which is user friendly. Creating the rules in Outpost was easy and straight forward and you still learnt something as was kerio, if a little harder. I don’t want a clone of these firewalls - just take their good bits and learn from them.

Thanks - a mode feature would be make me very happy for now :wink:

Id seriously like comodo to add a temporary block/allow section or if its easier maybe just put the application/component in ask mode so everytime the application/component is runned, you can either click allow or deny again(if you want it permanent then check the remember this option box)

I asked for this because many times when i am downloading an unresumable file, and i accidentally deny a program(without checking the remember option)so what ever applications related to it wont work and i have to freaking restart my PC to get it to ask again. It is extremely annoying… Or maybe i am missing something? I have searched all over and have not found a solution that does not require a restart.

I’m now thinking I’d like to see popups for Outgoing connection attempts as relates to the Network Monitor (connection attempts that are slated to be denied). Currently NetMon does not generate popups. This would help in creating a tightened set of rules, where application control is limited, and something may be interfering in the NetMon area; or for diagnosing problems.

Or maybe an option to show/hide those NetMon popup alerts.


Hey everyone, I just switched to Comodo today after receiving numerous recommendations for it. I’m an ex-Kerio user.

Comodo works wonderfully thus far, and I have to congratulate the team for putting it together. I’ve sorted through all dialogues that I could see, and I just can’t find this feature: an ability to filter packets based on port and IP address/range (also, ability to choose whether it’s TCP or UDP, or both; and inbound connections, outbound connections, or both).

For example, in my case, I use Windows Remote Desktop. It’s a huge security risk, in many ways; with Kerio, I used a rule to block all access to the port, EXCEPT for specified port ranges (those being the ranges that I’d be accessing remotely from).

I know that many people switch and immediately expect/want things to be the way they were; if Comodo already has capabilities to do this, I’ll happily learn it. If someone knows how, please message me with some brief instructions - I can probably figure the rest out.

edit: Much thanks to Little Mac for pointing me toward a thread that helped me find that Comodo can, in fact, do this (and some of the settings seem even more comprehensive than they wee under Kerio). Nice work.

I think someone did request it, but if it’d be possible to put a comment for the rules, that’d be nice. Also, it’d be nice if a single rule could accommodate a few settings (such as multiple IP ranges); multiple rules could be employed to achieve the same effect, but it’s all in line with keeping things organized. Lastly, perhaps the ability to set “IP groups” - basically, the program stores IP information, and then for rules you could call up an IP group. Again, you could just redo the IP ranges over multiple rules to achieve the same effect; so those aspects are more a matter of convenience.