Comodo Firewall Wishlist v5[Closed]

I wish Comodo would Have MAC Address based rule… We are on a Network where the assigned IP address is dynamic assigned by Our ISP to our LAN and sometimes other computers would turn them selves off… and reassigned a new IP address on restart and comodo would Block this other computers simply cause the IP Address has changed… and we have to change the rules all the time… Its so frustrating…

however MAC adresses dont change as they are specific to NIC Card and unique… so if comodo would support creating rules based on MAC Address… Like those of Jetico Personal Firewall and Sygate Personal Firewall…

this would really be even greater true complete Firewall…

regards… and more power… thanks…

For Comodo 3.0 to have a feature called NIPS?

Why? ???

So you can show your NIPS while shaking your HIPS?

Ok then a NIPS will be a waste of time i guess?

But i think this wont be and that is a feature on what Arovax SmartHide does?

If you want to know what it is read in the link below.

This could be effective and i believe its unique.

Also i say for Comodo to have it as it is a first line of defence and Arovax SmartHide is in slow development.

NIPS exists in some form in Comodo. Maybe start a thread comparing Kerio’s NIPS and Comodo’s similar/missing features. That way we can find out if anything’s missing.

Chaos18 already started a thread on NIPS:,7194.0.html

Just started using Comodo after it was demonstrated in a security class at my college. I’m a longtime user of Kerio and was looking for something that’s Vista ready (or atleast is under active development). I note Comodo has a new version coming soon that will be Vista compatable, and in the meantime I’m using it in XP.

That all said, there’s a few features I miss from Kerio. I browsed through the previous comments here and either saw vague mention of some of these or none at all… or I’m just blind. Either way, doesn’t hurt for me to reiterate.

Big A-#1 needed feature for me… let me resize the window. Being able to maximize is great atleast, but I really need to be able to just drag the window out laterally to get more info on the screen. This is especially a pain on the activity and log monitor screens because so much info is compressed into the one or two columns.

Another feature I’d like to see is the ability to determine the speed of connections in a readable format like Kb/s or KB/s. This is a large part of what a firewall is to me, is a network monitor (not just policeman). Speed is a big part of determining if I want to allow an application to continue it’s business.

Since we’re talking wishlists, I’ll throw in a feature I’ve been craving for ages and haven’t found in any firewall yet: per-connection or per-application throttling. I’d LOVE to see this in a future release of Comodo!

Not a feature, just a bug I’ve observed that needs attention:
There’s a mystery issue with certain p2p software clients like emule… after you close the application, the connections stay visible in Comodo indefinitely. Only a restart of the firewall clears them. By indefinitely I mean forever until restart… it’s not a matter of those connections being left open by the application, because in other firewalls and network monitoring tools I observe the connections eventually disappearing as they time out. Perhaps being able to set such a timeout would be most beneficial.

Thanks for a great product guys! I look forward to the next (vista ready) release!

I would love to see support for Windows XP x64 in the near future. By far this appears to be one of the best firewalls around so I lookforward to it.


Welcome to the forum, Avitar.Net.

Devs are already working on this in V3

thank you for a great product.

my wish is ban ip for time, for 1 hour, 2 hours etc

and create rules that expire in time lets say block udp on some port or ip for the next 10 hours.

thank you.

You know what would be really great to have in the firewall program is a password over the configuration. If I want to use this on a users computer at work and I want to block internet access to a certain program (For example World of Warcraft so employees can’t play while on the job) it would be nice to password protect the block list so they can’t get on and just remove the block.

Also it would be a really useful feature to have a feature that allows you to automatically export the log to a file. It would be great if you could schedule that to happen over a certain time period.

By the way, Thanks for putting out such a great program for free!

At the moment i have only one feature i want to be added: Import and Export function for software. I want it, because I have to uninstall the Firewall everytime there is a new version of Kaspersky out and that is annoying. I contacted them also to add Comodo Firewall to the exclusion list, but they ignored me and I havent found a way to disable the third party program check of the installation.

I switched to Comodo firewall from ZoneAlarm, and there are a couple of features I miss:

  • Descriptions for network monitor rules
  • Ability to enable/disable single rules in the list without having to completely remove that rule
  • Ability to import/export settings (as someone has already mentioned I think)

Any of these would be good ;D

I think this will come in v3 of the firewall.

CPF is my favourite. Here is my wishlist, not sure if it is posted before or not.

1- I want an option to turn on Component Control for specific OS applications only( like only my main broser) while keeping it disabled for all the rest of applications.

2- Also I want to have a better control over new components( stopping them from being loaded/ injected into the browser)

Or hmmm… may be, selectively stopping those new components internet access if possible( not sure if it,s easy or practical or needed, just camein my mind, I wonder of other firewalls have a similar function, I will leave it to Comodo experts).

3- IDS like Sygate pro and Kerio and some other firewalls/ NIPS

4- Ability to detect dialers dialing a connection/ change in dial up number etc

Thanks a lot

Better ICMP rules control such as the ability to specify types and codes by a range like IP’s and ports currently have.

The ability to backup your current settings so if your computer or notebook crashes, you can restore your trusted network settings, etc… (:NRD)

Coming soon to a Comodo firewall near you… (version 3, I believe)


I am using a network based HDTV tuner (HDHomeRun) but but CPF sees activity from it as a DDOS attack - UDP Flood and blocks it by initiating emergency mode. I have seen similar posts concerning other tuner cards as well as online/network gaming. With the help of these posts and forum moderators, I have experimented with the UDP flood parameters and trusted zones (see thread,7359.0.html) but no luck. I just had to turn it off.

My wish for the next version would be to be able to define UDP flood (and similar settings) on a IP/zone basis, to include turning it off entirely for that IP/zone.

If that is not possible, I would at least like to be able to turn off the UPD flood monitoring globally but keep the rest of CPF running.

Other than that, I love CPF.

Great topics, “Wishlist”; this is like writing to Santa – you can wish anything :slight_smile:
I’m no coder or authority, but what’s here seems to overlap a little with the “plugins” section. I agree CPF shall be kept as plain and simple, and as small as possible, and other features can be add-ons.
However I’ll feel totally unconfortable to know that my firewall is downloading by its’ own upgrades to plugins from allover the world, regardless if certified or not by Comodo.
On the other hand, it would be a great gain for Comodo to benefit from thousands of volunteers writing open-source plug-ins – so I don’t know.

Here’s my wishlist – most of them already mentioned.

  • right-click option to disconnect /block applications running in background in the connections window; it would be a good alternative to brutal task-manager – end process.
    (mentioned also by ShiftingGhost)
  • the nice blue color to turn red, from the taskbar icon, maybe flashy then attack is detected; an optional popup to warn about the attack can also help, when the user knows that there are some opened ports, even if it’s a false alarm.
    (8. Attack blocking / selected alerts should generate pop-ups.)
  • reading about…”Which Product to develop next?” the firewall has nothing to do with registry monitoring, cleaning, cookies, pop-up blocking, and in general with what you can do with another specialized application, that already exists. However it would be nice to have a feature checking and removing old, uninstalled applications or components, which are still present in the monitor sections.
    (22. Option to refresh the application list and component list to eliminate uninstalled applications.)
    This feature could be handy in the launch-pad, not necessary in the firewall.
  • when one attacker is blocked, an option to block the whole 255 address range would be also nice to have.
  • sets of rules for each application instead of numerous rules for the same application, already mentioned – only if this doesn’t slow down/ affect usability -

Thanks for the great software and for your patience to read the above :slight_smile: