Comodo Dragon ver 21.2 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 21.2 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Dragon is based on Chromium 21.0.1180.89.


  • Changed user agent to same value as in Chrome to fix compatibility problems.


  • Open new tab at startup option didn’t work.

What about us who have previously updated 21.2?

Are both 21.2 same or any changes in the new 21.2?

I have an “old” 21.2 and it is now updating to “new” 21.2.

Update seems to have gone smooth.
Thankyou people :-TU

Ok, same here now…

You will automatically be updated to this version.
To be some specific this one is “21.2.1” and the yesterday’s release was “21.2.0”.

Are there any plans for changing version numbers (like CoolNovo) cause soon we are going to have Dragon 49.2?

I guess this answers most of my questions :slight_smile:

Thanks Comodo

Why CD didn’t restored opened tabs after update& >:(

Thanks for the release. Updated and running perfectly.

Thanks for the update, all is good so far. :-TU

I still have version 21.2… It won’t go away… Why it was ‘called’ back anyway? ??? ???

Hi Seany007,
V21.2.1 is the latest do you still have V21.2.0?

Nope I have v21.2.1.0… So I don’t get it ??? What is being rolled back and what is not? Is it just me who is ???

Your version is the newest. (21.2.1 aka

Ok updated it.

works fine

And i also like the soon to be announced deal with Yahoo !

Marissa Effect ? :smiley:

Sorry I missed a zero, my bad.

Thanks Morphiusz .

Tell me, please, why COMODO Dragon comes with a very outdated plug-in Silverlight?
Is it possible to update the Silverlight in the portable version of COMODO Dragon (without installing Silverlight in the system)?

Hi C_user76,
Dragon does not come with silverlight, that is a seperate install.

The portable or installed version will only use whatever version you have installed on your system.

Can/Does Comodo Dragon use Silverlight? In any case, Silverlight is a Microsoft product. Your Windows update can give you Silverlight and the updates for Silverlight.