Comodo Dragon ver 21.2 is now available for download

Hi string_game,
Yes it works with Dragon.

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Not only can you get Silverlight with windows update … If you do not actively watch out for it being part of windows update you will get it installed (whether you wanted to or not)

Microsoft are pushing it, hoping to steal some of adobes flash thunder and grab a share of the revenue gained from that market themselves.

Silverlight if you do not have it installed, will be included in your first windows update as an “important update” … which is rubbish of course.

If you can catch that first attempt, right click on the silverlight entry in the list of windows updates, and choose “Hide this update”, it will not install …

However, the next time a new version of silverlight comes along, even though you have hidden the previous attempt, the new version will be treated as a new “important update” and again if you do not un-check it and hide it - It gets installed.

MS force feeding you a market research ploy. Another one recently is the Bing search engine, by default you are going to get it. Just try complaining about the behaviour on MS sites and see how far you get - Ignored like the squashy little fly on the screen that you are 88)

Most people will have it installed, similar to flash being force fed with those “You are missing a plugin” harrassment banners.

(Probably becoming a topic for a different forum board)


My Windows XP machine does not have Silverlight, but my Windows Vista machine does certainly have Silverlight. I am not sure that I have needed Silverlight yet, and not really sure when in the past have I used it. I regularly take Windows updates on both machines.

I can look using “dragon://plugins” in the address field and see what plugins are available for Comodo Dragon (at least a listing of plugins it seems to find). There is Flash version 11.4.402.265 but nothing about Silverlight; I have C D installed on the XP machine, and as I said, Silverlight is NOT installed on that one.

Flash Player is the popular one. Many videos on internet require Flash Player. Comparatively, do many available videos require, or are able to use Silverlight?

Is CD able to auto-update itself?
Are the portable version able to auto-update?


Hi lordraiden,
The installed version can be set to silently update or notify with Download, then Relaunch and Install options.
Configuring Dragon Updates

The portable version can not silently update, but you do still get notified with Download, then Relaunch and Install options during browser launch.
Alternative check Menu About Comodo Dragon to get the same options to install the latest.

Kind regards.

Version (154005) load web-page very hard

Hi myhy23,
I am not quite following, could you please post more information.

More information?!?!

Page load time over 20 seconds. In previous was ~ 3-6 seconds.

It is not CD problem. :wink:

20 sec page load time is only in dragon last version, so is dragon problem :wink:

Not here, buddy…
Do you see other users complaining about it?

Hi myhy23,
Can you try it with malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS) disabled if it is enabled.
Not likely to be the problem, but it is unique in Dragon.
Menu, Settings, Show advanced settings, under Privacy
Untick Enable malware domain filtering (Comodo Secure DNS).

Try with Predict network actions to improve page load performance disabled also under privacy.
If the above suggestions do not help the issue they may be enabled again.

Also do you have any 3rd party extensions that could be conflicting with this version?
If possibly yes, try running in incognito to see if that helps.
Edit: Added information.

Hi, I’ve just started using Comodo Dragon, thanks to provide that for us.