How Comodo Dragon is identified

Utilities and other programs (browsers) identify Comodo as Chrome, but this is not correct because of the modifications in CD, and this causes a failure under certain circumstances. Would it be possible to improve this?

I dont know how comodo could change how other products classifies its products.

I thought that there is a master ID in the Registry where every other software looks. This info had to be placed there by Comodo Dragon when it was installed, because every software that looks for browser ID identifies CD as Chrome. Also, Bleachbit and Ccleaner which use the Winapp2.ini file to list hundreds of software names, still identifies CD as Chrome. Just curious.

I know what you mean now. I dont know how feasible this would be since a lot of browsers use the chromium engine. Software like ccleaner group all these browsers together in to a single classification.

Thanks. Your understanding me is a 50% win. There will be others who will be curious about this eventually (Its a big Web). - I came across this issue because occasionally I test browsers for Wikipedia & Wikisource editors, to see how text renders, fonts appearance, and how javascript scripts function in different browsers. Today, I had to use Opera to do some javascript tests, and tried to import my bookmarks and settings from CD. In the import dialog CD was listed as Chrome, but the import didn’t work, so I got curious. By the way I don’t use Chrome or Chromium in Windows, only CD.

It was changed from Dragon to Chrome in Dragon 21.2: