Comodo Dragon ver 21.1 is now available for download

Comodo Dragon 21.1 is now available for download from the following link:


  • Dragon is based on Chromium 21.0.1180.83.


  • Uninstaller allows to select another default browser.

congrats on the release

Cool. Thnx 4 the new release. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the update.

The help button issue is fixed.
The home page lag at start up appears to be solved as well.
Thanks. :-TU

Thanks chaps :-TU

Am I missing something, it seems to startup with the page now, as I had that blank before.
I guess I’m missing where I can change that… the complete “Home page” setting is gone now…

Hi Ronny, did you do a fresh install?

Settings, startup, open a specific page or pages.

I guess I'm missing where I can change that... the complete "Home page" setting is gone now...
Settings, appearance, show home button has to be checked to set pages.

Dragon seems to ignore the settings and opens at startup. :-\

Hi Jowa,
Open the New Tab page is also working incorrectly on my system and opening

Continue where I left off and Open a specific page or set of pages appears to be working correctly on my system.

Yes, if you set “open the page: new tab”, when you start CD it will open, no matter which page you set as “new page”. After starting CD, if you open a new tab, it will display the correct “new tab” you have set

I solved like this.

  • Add a plug-in to change the “new tab” to a link you can set
  • On CD → settings → on startup choose “open a specific page or set of pages”
  • Click on “set pages”
  • Type “dragon://newtab/”

In this way when you start CD or when you open a new tab it will display the new tab you have set :slight_smile:

[s]I thought so too on the first run my homepage loaded instantly.

Subsequent runs however have returned to previous behaviour on all of our machines.

Updated my bug report

The new version did however respect and keep all previous advanced settings (again using the downloadable installer as opposed to auto update) - although it lost all fav icons for bookmarks.

My eldest uses auto-update though instead of manually installing like I do, and is experiencing only the one same problem, home page not loading at startup until after you go to another bookmarked web page. Then you can go to the homepage no problem (either by clicking a bookmark for or the home button set to the same).

Otherwise … Seems to be working as well as usual.

None of us are experiencing the problem noted in posts before this. But we have not done a “clean install” - All installations here were overwrites of the previous installation.[/s]

See my next post :slight_smile:

Only thing that works here is to tweak the shortcut and add the code below after dragon.exe

 --homepage about:blank

good job guys!

World’s most secure and fastest browsers are from Comodo!

Guys - Scratch the last post :slight_smile:

Just on a hunch decided to do a clean install

Exported bookmarks first to a html file

Completely un-install previous version, ■■■■ cleaner to route out any remaining registry fluff (there were a few)

Checked hidden folders (appdata etc) for any leftovers - Actually your un-installer in windows Start menu is pretty efficient in this regard …

Re-install and setup as usual with the downloadable installer

Got comfortable again with all usual settings, un-installed that share extension, disabled Remoting viewer etc …

Result = No more problems with the home page. I believe it was probably something left behind at each install overwrite which created my problem.

Edit: Updated my bug report - @ Moderators, that can be closed

Hi w33d3r,
I realise your intentions are good, but please do not double post as it is against the Forum Policy Section 8.4
Thanks from Captainsticks.

Just wanted to confirm that I’m having the same problem with startup pages as well. It wants to load or nothing at all for it’s start page, no matter what the setting. Problem started upon new update. Will not even load at startup for homepage, no page or tab set has succeeded to load on startup thus far. Using a bookmark or typing in the addresses work fin though. I love Dragon, but startup seems to be a problem for this browser.

This version was downloaded through the DragonSetup.exe hyperlink, and the installation took less than 2 minutes. All settings remained unchanged. Bookmarks all still in place. Still the same problem on initial page load at start of browser session, that page never finishes loading (but easy to deal with, since clicking on X stops the failing load, then click home page button loads home page in about 10 seconds).

System: C D INSTALLED on laptop, Windows XP sp3, 2.0 GHz processor Celeron, 512 MB RAM. Active extensions Adblock and W.O.T.

Hi string_game,
Not sure if you want to try it but for w33d3r and myself a fresh uninstall/reinstall appears to have fixed this issue for us.

If you decide to do the same let us hope that you have the same positive results.
Good luck.

works fine on the upgrde, good work guys!