Comodo Dragon 45 is now available for download.

Hi All,

We’re very pleased to announce the release of Comodo Dragon Version 45. Comodo Dragon Version 45 can be downloaded from:

Comodo Dragon and Chromodo both share the same amazing DNA built for speed, security and privacy with Comodo Dragon brand being aimed at our beloved loyal users and Chromodo aimed at a wider audience for those who like the Chrome/Chromium experience but seamlessly want the Dragon DNA.


The Comodo Browser Team.

Thank you very much,Shane. :-TU

Thanks for the update Comodo. :-TU


This is really incredible imo Dragon v45 was ‘promised’ shortly after Chromodo v45 was released and here it is. Hopefully so wont it take as long for Dragon v46 2 show up… :wink:


Thank you for the update

Does this update finally mean we can stop worrying about LogJam and Poodle exploits ?

… Or do we still need to apply some of those codes ?

One more question

When was it decided to go auto installing Adobe Flash without [censored] asking us ?

If I want to allow Spyware on my machine I DECIDE.

Or is this going to be excused as an “oops we forgot” ?

And now that it is installed automatically to everyone, are you going to give instructions to people who may not be aware on how to uninstall that ?

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Hi w33d3r,
I have just checked with no added switches and the browser is no longer vulnerable at all that I can see.

The above didn’t happen here.

Kind regards.

Can you imagine me installing it ?
It was not installed yesterday, and I certainly did not go out of my way to install it just to make a complaint.

The auto update of Dragon has installed an out of date adobe flash plugin somehow, and then flagged it as needing an update. Or maybe it has been there hidden along with other hidden extensions from the last update and I just havent seen it before now because previously it was not in plugins ?
Who knows. I certainly have not at any point decided to allow the software to be installed.

Hi w33d3r,
Is Flash listed in Windows Programs and Features?


No ( on Windows 10, its now called “Apps and Features” )
Its not the full blown Adobe plugin, I dont think its the Pepperflash plugin either, its the Activex Shockwave flash plugin ( see the screenshot in my previous posts ) which is also getting the Banner to activate prompting me to update it, which then tries to go to the Adobe Flash Helper pages ( the one which asks Which OS you are on ( which currently does not have Win 10 on the list if I was crazy enough to want to go ahead with updating and installing a newer version of Shockwave Flash ) )

ActiveX Flash is pre-installed with the operating system, which Dragon cannot use.
Why Adobe flash player is pre-installed on WIndows 10 Tech Preview?-Answers Microsoft
Have you expanded the plugins Details to clarify that is what is happening.
I would have at a guess that it is a bug that Dragon even recognizes that the ActiveX version is even installed is this is what has occurred.

BTW: I am not running Win 10, sorry.
Kind regards.

O_o Thank you for pointing out the Details, I hadnt realised to expand that and find the additional info

See screenshot - Its actually a Pepperflashplayer.dll that somehow has managed to install

I have also found the Compnonents \ Flash_Download_Helper : And deleted everything in it

Hopefully none of this rubbish will return to my installation in future.

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Hi w33d3r,
I have just been testing uninstalling/reinstalling both Dragon and Chromodo.
A bit weird what is happening here, I can reproduce the out of date installation of the Flash plugin with Chromodo but not Dragon. ???

Kind regards.

Also thanks for the link reference windows 10 and flash

I have now taken ownership of the Flash folder ( and its contents ) …
( You have to take ownership of the folder else none of what follows will work ) …


Deleted the flash folder, and created a file called flash in its place ( with no dot three letter extension ), so windows will not be able to recreate the flash folder, and will no longer be able to install flash
( See this topic for more details on the technique, turning a folder into a file effectively makes a null device where files cannot be stored )

… Just in case it had something to do with windows installing it instead.

Yep, I concur, something weird is going on, I think the windows installation is just for the new Win 10 Edge Browser. That software has not even had one chance to launch since I upgraded to Win 10, so I am doubting very much its windows to blame for this, but all the same preventative measures are now in place as per my above post in case Microsoft has some deal going with adobe to make it install.

Thanks for the update Comodo Dragon.

After I upgraded CD to the latest version, I got an error on every https page:

Server has a weak ephemeral Diffie-Hellman public key

How can I bypass this error because I can’t ask my administrator to change the server configuration.

I did it, I bypassed it :slight_smile:

In startup option of CD I put the bold italic line => C:\folderName\softwareName\Comodo\dragon.exe –cipher-suite-blacklist=0x0088,0x0087,0x0039,0x0038,0x0044,0x0045,0x0066,0x0032,0x0033,0x0016,0x0013

I also have this local folder with PepperFlash for both Chromodo and Dragon. But I have the latest PepperFlash installed system wide and both browsers are using it. I never bothered to make such folders for PepperFlash so it must be something that may have been done by the browsers? At least I don’t recall, but memory may feel,

Looking at the date created for both browsers that is in July. May be that explains why w33d3r browsers sees from a previous build in combination with the browsers looking for local PepperFlash plugin?