Author Topic: For the Logjam vulnerability with most Chromium based browsers.  (Read 3890 times)

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For the Logjam vulnerability follow the steps below.
1) Right click your browser shortcut and select properties.
2) Open the shortcut tab of the properties.
3) Allow a space and add the below code to the target field.

Code: [Select]
--cipher-suite-blacklist=0xcc15,0x009e,0x0039,0x0033Thanks to JoWa for the above CL code.

Edit: To further strengthen the browser including protection from the Logjam and POODLE vulnerabilities, add the following CL code which includes the code above.
Edit note: The following additions to the code are no longer required with version 43 and above, the above code appears adequate.
Code: [Select]
--ssl-version-min=tls1 --cipher-suite-blacklist=0x0004,0x0005,0xc007,0xc011,0xcc15,0x009e,0x0039,0x0033Thanks to w33d3r for the above CL code.
Note: The '--ssl-version-min=tls1' switch can be omitted if you are using Chromodo/Dragon Version 42 or above.

Warning notes:
These switches may have no effect on some XP operating systems, or when using standard user accounts on some systems.

Kind regards.
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