Comodo Chromium Secure 36.1 is now available for download

Comodo Chromium Secure is now available for download from the following link:

Chromium Secure and Comodo Dragon both share the same amazing DNA built for speed, security and privacy. Our Comodo Dragon brand is aimed at our beloved loyal users and Chromium Secure is aimed at a wider audience for those who like the Chrome/Chromium experience but seamlessly want the Dragon DNA.

There were some known issues with Flash player and Comodo Dragon and these have been resolved in Chromium Secure and the new Comodo Dragon. An update of Comodo Dragon 36 will follow within the next few days.

Let us know which browser look and feel you prefer.



Thanks Shane and Devs,

I am looking forward for Comodo Dragon my loved one. :-TU

Can we accept after these releases, Comodo will update their browsers “regularly”?
CS works perfect here and I will install CD after the 36 upgrade

Great to hear :slight_smile:

Yes we will be updating the versions quicker than the last update interval.

For those wondering what the differences are between Comodo Dragon and Comodo Chromium Secure:

Thanks for this great information, too :-TU


I have some question about the chromium Browser

  1. Any Infos for the multilinguale Version?

  2. If the other browsers still evolving?

With Best Regards

This is great news! :slight_smile:

Cant wait to try out Dragon 36.


There is no Comodo Secure DNS in the installition? Will you add this or not in the near future ?


We’re currently hiring more resources so we can handle these.

Correct. We will be adding this in the future.

Thanks @Shane, you are the best of Comoo employee on the Forum because you are answering us. :-TU
Best Regards,

+1 :-TU

Hi Shane

Thank you for your Information .

I will wait for your answers of my Questions

With Best Regards

Why is CS relying on NPAPI Flash?


I liked Chromium Secure more than Dragon. Don’t know why it feels swifter and more “fresh”.


great work guys!

Melih what is your default browser now :smiley:
Chromium Secure or Comodo Dragon ?

i have both running atm :slight_smile:

Thanks Shane and Comodo. :-TU

Glad to hear the yearly browser updates will change :slight_smile: