Comodo BackUp Error Codes


Most common error codes for Comodo BackUp:

3 = not enough memory
4 = generic error code
5 = required object was not found
8 = invalid password
10 = invalid device
15 = the object/device is busy
29 = read error
30 = write error
46 = path is invalid
47 = the request is not implemented (yet)
49 = device not ready
53 = a connection error occurred
54 = operation cannot be completed because disk is full
55 = access denied
59 = corrupted backup
64 = file / folder in use
67 = specified file was not found
80 = bad username or password
84 = invalid “split” file found
89 = insufficient resources
90 = a file/folder is used by another program
92 = no content
97 = the function call is invalid
100 = timeout error
103 = a split is missing or the backup was unexpectedly aborted
108 = invalid http request to the server
111 = file too big
146 = unrecognized command
147 = temporary unavailable
176 = service stopped
177 = resource locked (the item is used by another program)
185 = CCloud server connection problem
211 = CCloud storage full
217, 90500 = CCloud server internal error
221 = Network resources can’t be accessed in service mode.

100000 = For error codes greater than 100000 (except those got when restoring at system start-up) decrease 100000 from the error and then look here: System error codes . Example 100023 minus 100000 = 23, which is Data error (cyclic redundancy check).


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Any chance to get the full list of codes…?

Like my 101450:;msg361993#msg361993

Or 100050:

… and whatever else…?

Just thought I’d check - if it’s not too much trouble…?

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??? Yeah, for example, What does code 29 mean

how about 108

The error is caused by sending an invalid http request to the server.

Regarding Error 46, “path is invalid” means the destination path. I got this right off the bat while setting up a scheduled backup. I had not already created the series of folders the job was to be placed in. So for example, let’s say you’re saving the backup to F:/Folder1/Folder2/Folder3/. You must already have in place Folder 3 in Folder 2, and Folder 2 in Folder 1.

Odd that the job won’t just create the folder series if it doesn’t already exist, or at least offer to.


This issue was fixed in 3.0 version, which is now in BETA stage.



How about code 66? Just got this one on a co-worker’s machine today.

Hi, I just updated to version 3.0, and got an error 59. Help please.

Can you also advise if automatic scheduling is still available in this version?


This error suggest a corrupted backup.
Can you please give more details.

No features were removed, so if by automatic scheduling you understand backup jobs that start automatically at a specific time interval, yes this is still available.



duh…thanks. not sure how I managed to miss it the first time through

I edited it after you asked :slight_smile:


Hi all,

getting this message: backup process failed with code 1.

Its every time when i try to make backup on shared folder on our network or even on network drive.

Anyone know what is wrong? Thanks all for help.



If you are using incremental/differential scheduled backups this might be the cause.
This issue is caused by an internal error and it was fixed.
An update will soon be available.


Comodo backup error on initial back up to external drive.

I’ve reinstalled but still get the error

Error code 100023

See Screen shot.

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