COMODO BackUp 4.0.7 Released!


We are happy to announce that COMODO Backup 4.0.7 was released to public.
This is an update for 4.0 version and it contains improvements and bug fixing.

What’s fixed & improved (compared to 4.0.6)

  • CBU.exe crash at startup on some machines
  • crashes with COS Service
  • reduced memory consumption up to 4 times when performing incremental backup for a large number of files > 200000
  • improved logging when performing incremental backup for a large number of files. The program seemed to hang at “Comparing information” step.
  • improved CBU.exe startup speed
  • error 29 which occurred sometimes when performing second incremental on large files (> 4GB)
  • explorer.exe which hanged sometimes when CB and COS are both installed
  • Huge memory and speed optimizations in CB Wizard
  • Thumbnail previews for more files in CB Wizard
  • Misc user interface fixes in CB Wizard.
  • some typos for Turkish and German languages (according to feedback) and other typos
  • issues with task to run before/after backup in a script file
  • fixed abort issue when a chunk is missing during restore. Restore could not be aborted
  • CBWizard issue which forced logout during backup operation on Online Storage
  • CBWizard crash when creating incremental backups
  • The “Register for free” option in the CB Wizard
  • CB Wizard detecting files in the Recycle bin
  • missing “Unmount” shell extension option
  • synchronization issues to COS
  • Synchronization service which may have been reported sometimes as not started when start was pending

Known issues:

  • CB 4.0.7 is not compatible with COS 2.0.6 and older versions. You should update the COS client to 2.0.7 if you have it installed, otherwise online backup operations won’t work.
  • Sometimes the installation may take longer to complete
  • Some times there might be a delay when logging into the COS account
  • Double-clicking the executable may cause the cbu.exe process to appear without the CB user interface
  • CB may crash sometimes when submitting files to the FLS or when elevating with administrator rights

Bug Reports:

Please use this topic to report your bugs. Our moderators collect these bugs and submit them to the devs.

Download Location:

Setup for Windows Vista 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2003 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 2008 Server 32-bit and 64-bit, Windows 7 32-bit and 64-bit:

Download link 1:
Download link 2: (Version independent download link)

Setup file size & checksums:
33.15 MB (34762896 bytes)
MD5: D1BD2A58E2256628DE4788AF4F229754
SHA1: CB748DAF11489960637B1E3052F2D177C9481EFC

Great work guys!

Comodo Backup is now the easiest to use backup!!!



Let’s see how this compares to syncback :wink:

still not of acronis true image level… comodo backup needs lot of work…it still lacks lot of features…

CB is very much improved since v3, and is improving all the time, and it’s FREE… Acronis is not! Which features do you find it lacks, please discuss in this thread so they can read & we can discuss… they do take note of suggestions.

Looking forward to reading your input/ideas ;D

I see no comparison.

The only feature needed for me to consider CBU the most complete solution is integrated recovery CD creation.

pls do tell us what we are missing…the more you tell us the more we develop…thank you…

i’m going to try it out on my system to see how it compares to cobian back up.

Please be more specific.
Beside rescue disk, what features are we lacking?


Besides the recovery disk, one of the great feature of Acronis is the 11 key which allows you to backup or recover your system at boot time.

At the end of a backup it shows a green check-mark + Done even if there where error’s in the above logging.
Can this be changed to ‘Finished with errors’ and maybe an orange warning icon?

This will give the user a better hint to the fact that there were errors during the backup.

A thing Syncback does is repeat the error lines at the end of the log so the user doesn’t have to scroll trough all the ‘non-error’ lines.

One could also mark lines with errors in the front with a Red X icon so it sticks out more.

Also below the progress marker it shows “The backup process has been completed successfully” even if there where errors during the backup?!
I’d make that “The backup process has been completed with errors”.

If you ran a backup and did not specify a log file then it would be nice if the GUI would have a ‘Save Log’ option so you still can decide to save the log.
After Step4 is done, before pressing ‘Finish’.

I run an Incremental backup Files+Simple Copy.
Now I run a second incremental backup and cause a folder in the source to be inaccessible (CIS Block files) then the files in those folders get deleted from the destination??

Am I missing something? why would this be deleting files in the destination?
It’s incremental backup it should ‘only add changed files in the source’ to the destination right?
Deleting files in the destination suggests some form of ‘synchronization’ in my point of view.


Also it maybe a lot to ask, but could the size of a CBU Back-Up File of Disk, Partitions, MBR be reduced? With Acronis my 320Gb Drive becomes about a 30 - 40 GB File - With CBU it is about 120GB :frowning:

Just the Rescue Disk.


why is comodo so reluctant on creating a rescue disc,alot more people would use comodo backup if it had this feature.i believe you are keeping alot of users away because of this.this has been suggested as a feature since the beginning.

these two features is what I am talking about…rescue disk and startup recovery…plus since CTM is no longer available… if there is one time snapshot return (try n decide what they called in acronis) I will be happy…

I am using both acronis 2011 and comodo backup since v4

Just in case you didn’t notice, the compression level defaults to “Low”. I’m pretty sure it’s set that way for better speed… but if smaller size is your goal, then there are three more aggressive compression levels.

I use CBU and Acronis too. If one day CBU has resque disc an start up recovery i’ll use only CBU.

Except that the cumbersome UI has a hard time remembering when its changed.

“Low” is a pretty silly default.

BTW, people have been asking for a recovery CD since CBU 1.