CMS v2.4.5 has been released!!!

Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce that we released CMS 2.4.5 for you :slight_smile:

What is new:

  • CMS now supports devices with armV7a chipsets
  • The user is now informed about the detected malware type and signature


  • Multiple notification of the same scan result is now fixed
  • Cache cleaner is fixed
  • Various other bug fixes are performed

We would appreciate if you can take your time to give us the feedbacks or report us the bugs you identify on CMS. We believe that with your concerns and under our continuous efforts, CMS would gets better and better.

If you find bugs please send us with below information.

  1. What is your device brand name and model name?
  2. What is your device Android version and current language preference?
  3. Please provide more detail about when and how you got that error? Does it have a pattern?
  4. It would be great if you can capture screen shots regarding the error.

Thanks in advance!

new app ?

why not a free MDM like Meraki purpose?

i sad, i’ve been helping translate cms and now new release and no PT-BR suport?
come on comodo, you have put limite time to translate and now no suport? LOL, LOL, LOL :embarassed: :embarassed: :embarassed: :embarassed:


We are still supporting multi languages. We always appreciate your time and efforts guys. Please let me know, if we are missing anything. You can send me a direct message if you want.

MDM is developed for the enterprise needs and focus right now. We are going to improve it and we may create a device management product for consumers as well in the future…

great job guys!

if so why cms is still in english and i have portuguese android system? how can i change to portuguese?

Thank you :slight_smile:

I learned that there is more than one PT translation possible. Right now, we support Pt-Br.

If you want to expand that to Pt-Pt, you can always post under translation section and Alex will be in contact for you for further steps.

reading or wrinting PT-PT or PT-BR is almost the same thing. We have orthographic agreement between too countries.
When Comodo does suport PT-BR should automatically suport PT-PT.
but ok iv’e upload PT-PT strings with some corrections off mistakes iv’e found on cms-translations forum

test me and looked not quite poradyvat this test was that McAfee Mobile Security is better than COMODO Mobile Setsurity

@Kolyan Which test are you referring to?

The free version of McAfee doesn’t provide realtime protection only infection prevention and is quite a limited version. In recent test results on McAfee did score marginally better at detection but only by 0.9% (100% vs 99.1).

CMS is completely free with out product limitation.


Results of testing antivirus for Android in January 2014
So at this av-test

[attachment deleted by admin]

I wonder whether in the device administrators to disable SMS drive pin for his trip there?

Hi please tell me why your Comodo Mobile Security did such a device Administrator function enable disable? so thieves could dare disable it and remove Comodo Mobile Security without inserting the SIM card.

Hi here is what error after restarting the phone and SIM card change CMS does not start automatically in the system bar version of CMS v 2.4.5

No direct apk? Sad…

Please PM me :slight_smile:

any news on new version with PTPT suport?

It is going to be included on next releases.