CIS Pro (new package) free for 1 year!



Thank You Melih!!! :slight_smile: :love: :rocks:

That’s Awesome!

You are too good for this world Melih… :wink: :-TU

Thank u ! Melin!
U r the best!!!

Thank you Melih.

By the way is the GeekBuddy that comes with it also free for one year or not?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Yes Geekbuddy is included ; Please Don’t cross post :slight_smile:

Wow~ Thanks for Melih~ :-TU

Good news!

What about x64??? ???

I would like to know what about x64?

Wonderful! Thank so much, Melih

This one is for both 32 and 64 OS - 60 Mb

for those who want 32 or 64 installer can use

  • this installer is smaller - 35 or 37 Mb respectively

Please - fix Alt Text of link on page Comodo Internet Security Pro 2011 and here

And THANK YOU, Melih !!!

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Thank you Melih !
My CIS Pro will be expired end July.
Will this 1yr free download have shelf-life so I may install it by then ?


I think that this is temporary occasion :slight_smile:

“Comodo Internet Security Pro 1 year trial includes 24 x 7 remote support that comprises PC support for first 60 days and Comodo Internet Security software support only for the remainder of the trial. Malware removal service and Protection Plan are excluded from Comodo Internet Security 1 year trial.”

Can someone explain it to me?:wink:

Melih: You are wonderful! Thanks for the free software download!
Is there any shelf life for it ? When do I have to install to activate it?

Thx Melih!!!
But I don’t think I’ll go to install CIS again just for GeekBuddy… Nice service is offered but still…
Thx again!! U ROCK!!! ;D ;D ;D ;D

Very good!!!

Guys, who really knows what is the real difference between Pro and Premium CIS? I found nothing except Geekbuddy and ‘technician chat’. Is there any essential difference between them - in the work of the program- protection, detection … ?