free forever is no more?

Kindly tell me where the geekbuddy logs are…as all gb correspondence and actions should be logged, and backed up incase of accidents or other various issues.

Just incase windows doesn’t do a good job at recovering what gets messed with.

I sincerely hope one of us is misunderstanding the issue presented.

The “Tech Guy” said YES to the understanding he had given that

  1. Comodo Geek-Buddy was now scam-ware ;
  2. Standard Free For Ever vanilla Comodo Internet Security was going to become scam-ware ;
    Is the “Tech Guy” claiming that Comodo pretends to find malware when none exists and charges for its removal ?
    and possibly subverts the Removal button clicks to fool Windows into thinking the user is giving informed consent to the installation of genuine malware ?

How can this be anything but malicious deliberate disinformation.

I was going to subscribe, knowing that this could help keep it free, but now i'm reconsidering even useing comodo's software, of any kind.. at all..

Please tell me comodo won’t be releasing this style of scamware…

Obviously the “Tech Guy” is skilled at effective delivery of disinformation.

Normally I would agree with the rest of you and say that either the OP misunderstood the techguy or the tech guy is disgruntled about something and making it up. But with the Beta release of a paid and free version of CSC i think we might be in for a few surprises in the near future.

Hopefully Melih will come and enlighten us shortly.

Maybe they think Symantec etc were right after all you need to charge for top quality security?

Nothing new from devs…I hope there’s been a misunderstanding


Why does everyone fall for malicious disinformation ?

Why should Devs or Melih have to respond to every panic post when the answer is in plain view in the introductory topic at
Re: CIS Pro (new package) free for 1 year!
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If you surf dangerously and torrent download with the wrong security settings,
and you cannot fix malware for yourself with the Free CCE,
there are many established Malware fighting forums with experts who will help you for free,
so why expect Comodo to needlessly pay the cost of your mistakes with their free protection.

pazsion was talking about cis too, if you read the first post carefully…

i’ll believe this when i see it

I exercise far greater care than you.

In what way was his reference to “cis” indicating something other than my
“Standard Free For Ever vanilla Comodo Internet Security” ?

I separately referred to the topic
“Re: CIS Pro (new package) free for 1 year!”
which I assume is “vanilla CIS” plus the “free during introductory” GeekBuddy.
I consider this to be an extra benefit for those who have difficulty installing CIS,
and just because it does not include free removal of the junk you should not have allowed on board there are cries of scamware.

pazsion is prepared to consider CIS to be scamware just because they charge if an extra malware fighting service is needed for obstinate malware.
pazsion refers to
“anti-virus will scan and detect, then ask you to buy? And not remove anything it just detected…”
He assumes that quarantine will need a buy ! !

Alan, there’s no need to get angry…we are on the same side, I’d like to see cis free version available for ever, just like you I suppose.
On the other hand, if I’m not wrong… something similar happened for DACS also: a guy that had worked at Comodo spreaded details about it before the time…and after 1 or 2 days DACS has been released…
So lets see what happens, I’m convinced that CIS will be kept free, like you said, and I hope someone like Melih will clarify the situation… :wink:

Lets just hope that the core products will remain free(always)…

This has caused some discussion amongst mods, and so some others may wish to chip in with opinions.

Some thoughts:

  1. These are now certainly some AV scan results that CIS cannot quarantine or delete. For example some hidden registry entries detected using rootkit detection. On my machine this has been true since 5.3. Note that this can be seen as consistent with a (presumed I don’t know!) policy of quarantining and deleting malware executables, but not cleaning up the effects of executables. The real change is perhaps that that CIS is now detecting effects of executables, as well as the executables themselves.

  2. the first few months of Geekbuddy are free. So your first infection can be cleaned up free. I’ve suggested Comodo might think about cleaning subsequent infections for free - so the clean would be a loss leader for the general (cheap but paid for) optional Geekbuddy support service - but that may be asking for too much. I’ve also suggested that Comodo should not ask for credit card details until the end of the trial period - not sure what happens now - does anyone know?

  3. you can export scan results to a text file to aid cleaning.

  4. Comodo provides an excellent if techie cleaning tool (CCE) free

Personally I feel that the policy is OK if my suggestions are accepted (see 2 above), but do think it needs presenting and communicating carefully. The warning you now get after a scan is a bit too strong I think, on reflection. Needs toning down a bit.

Could Melih perhaps explain?

Hope this helps

Best wishes


Not angry, just sad at so much needless fear.

I see zero similarity to DACS.

An ex Comodo guy leaked details of DACS before release - so what ?
Are you saying that Comodo did the dirty on us by releasing DACS,
and that dirty is comparable to your fears of a FREE CIS being degraded to only WARN of malware.

Are you saying that “geek buddy techy” who started the rumour was on the Comodo payroll ?
In my first post I stated
“I would guess that various geek buddy techies may feel their livelihood is threatened by the Comodo GeekBuddy service”
It should be obvious that I considered him to be outside of Comodo,
and pazsion’s subsequent post has not contradicted my interpretation,
which implies I guessed correctly.


Never meant anything like that, actually i wrote that to me CIS will be kept free (or better, the free edition will survive), for the moment as you said all these are only unjustified rumors.

Whether removal remains free or not who uses the AV to remove malware? I myself have never used it to remove as all the detections have been FPs on my system. All said it would be nice to have a full suite free.

I cannot agree with that.
If the AV quarantines a virus it has consequently REMOVED it from operation,
and that renders it available for simple deletion if required.
It is far better than other AV products that delete what they detect and consequently destroy Windows by removing vital components that were wrongly fingered by defective virus signatures.

All said it would be nice to have a full suite free.
Agreed, but is there such a suite, free or otherwise, that can automatically and fully deal with any malware or rootkit, or hidden registry keys that have all permissions set to a full lockout ?

When such a suite is available then malware fighting forums will be out of work.

I did not know that and can believe it.

Had you said that 5.3 now FAILED to delete the rootkits that 5.2 successfully deleted I would be concerned.
I have no problem with Comodo charging for a more comprehensive product and would defend their right to do so,
but I would be disappointed if previous free capabilities were crippled - but if it is free we have no right to demand.

There is however no indication that this is on the cards.

In my view whatever follows v 5.4 has zero hope of removing rootkits if it cannot first detect them,
so 5.3 and 5.4 are necessary first steps to a better product,
and since Comodo have, so far as I know, always attempted to improve the product without making a charge,
I am more than prepared to assume that this will remain the case.
If Comodo were in the future require once of or annual payments (e.g. if bought out by Norton) I would be thankful for the free ride till now.

In my view it is absolutely impossible to clean up all the effects of malware executables.
If the malware has stolen your data and put it on the Internet,
or if malware was just a dirty trick that corrupted all you documents,
you cannot “Please make it not to have happened” (taken from a child’s prayer after breaking a window).


melih please clarify so everyone will know the direction of comodo so that everyone will

a. feel relieved that cis will always be free

b. have to pay some money, get angry about it, get over it, pay for comodo anyways because it’s the best suite out there in my opinion and a lot of others i’m sure

Just FUD. Don’t give him any attention…

Some Staff input on this Topic could help clear up any doubts or concerns for concerned users.

Comodo team please respond on this topic… we need to understand comodo’s position on this? first its said CIS with tech geek is free for 1 year, now i heard that for removing malwares/ virses we need to pay? isnt that included in free?
I personally dont like these new changes, i request melih and comodo team to respond and clear this situation.
We all have higher hopes from comodo, please dont let us down.