CIS Pro (new package) free for 1 year!

Aside from what you’ve mentioned, pro also adds Trust Connect. There is no difference in the CIS application itself.

So, does having Trust Connect worth the Pro Trial?

If it’s something you’d like to use, then sure…

So do you mean Pro has

  • better protection
  • better detection
  • TrustConnect ?

CIS Pro is the Same as CIS Premium, (The Same Detection Techniques, The Same Prevention Techniques etc)

Only Different between the two;
When you Buy CIS Pro, You are Given GeekBuddy Subscription as Well as TrustConnect; Plus the Virus Free Guarantee

That is all

Hope this helps


Hi Solarlynx. This link explains the differences in detail

Why not just the Key thats bundled in the installer…
uninstall then reinstall, getting bored to do that…
Melih, could you also do it like this…

So CIS Pro definitely has Trust Connect during the one year trial? Why does the features of the Pro version not mention Trust Connect but Trust Connect is mentioned in the Complete version?


I downloaded link and it came up trial has expired…I maybe not that smart but please advise how to obtain the licence key for the 12 months…I downloaded the 64 bit version.


Thank you Melih!!
COMODO is best

Hi Melih,

It was great! you’re too good.
Thank You Melih

Is Trust Connect there in this CIS Pro?


From what is was told by the mods here - definitely YES. :smiley:

Yes, it clearifies the question.
I like it in the CIS Premium is it was told by Josh;msg402523#msg402523

There is no STRIPPED down versions unlike other Vendors where they may limit the functionality of their “free versions” compared to their “paid versions” - Example: Other Vendors might not give you sandbox, or limit the functionality of the antivirus or antimalware component etc.

So in our trial CIS Pro for the whole trial period we have additional TrustConnect. :slight_smile:

Nice, hope this brings more users to CIS thus creating a safer internet. As for myself… I’m sticking to the Premium version, I don’t need GeekBuddy… hope I never will.

Neither do I. But may be the TrustConnect is of interest to me.

Does TrustConnect require registration and how does this differ from other free VPN services?

But here there is no trustconnect, only geekbuddy.


Thank you very much for the free version of CIS pro.With you,everybody can be wellprotected for free :-TU

Yes, really. May be one must download the trustconnect client and it will work free when the CIS Pro installed?