CAVS3 - Am I the Only One Becoming Skeptical???


I’m new to the forum as a registered user, although I’ve been following Comodo AV development here for over a year. My interest in Comodo AV became exponentially more intense in April 2008, when Grisoft completely botched AVG 8.0’s release (and its subsequent “fixes”).

My concern is this…with the continued delays in CAVS3, and taking into account that CAV2 never came out of beta, are we clinging to nothing more than false hopes with CAVS3?

Just my 2 cents worth…


You’re not the only one :slight_smile:

I was honestly having doubts too. The reasons are the same you’ve mentioned. But you know, COMODO is offering these products for FREE ! And there’s a lot of work to do. CAVS will have to be good from the start or people will quickly put it to CAVS 2 level.
I believe that COMODO will do their best and come up with a beta at the end of this month (B) (V) (R)

I don’t really think it’s a matter of CAV3 being delayed… because the picture is a lot bigger that just CAV3.

Desktop Security Products as a forum group has been growing quite significantly… which means that there has been, and will be, a lot on the developers plates.

The cool parts, which I think are the ones that take the most thought/time, are how certain pieces of the now “solo” Desktop Security Products will eventually become intertwined into much bigger/awesome applications… like CIS.

I’ve been a believer of Comodo and their products for so long now… that I know a little bit a time and patience from me will be paid pack 100-fold when the application is finally released and performs like the champ we know it will be… and it won’t cost us a cent from our pockets.

Comodo… Creating TRUST Online

A fairly powerful and accurate statement.

Couldn’t have said better m0ng0d (:CLP) :■■■■

Here’s my two cents worth…

My job involves conception and implementation of large projects (often with big money attached to them). I know that rushing a product to an artificial release date is a recipe for disasterous product failure. Often in product development one discovers that Widget A does not turn Widget B like it should if Widget Z is running…back to the drawing board (as they say). Comodo has promised that: 1. this product will be free; 2. this product will be full of useful gadgets; 3. this product will be effective. That’s a lot. It will be free to individuals, but I am sure this involves MAJOR money for Comodo. It has to work right from the start (with some quirks that will need to be worked out, as all new products seem to have–nothing’s perfect). Be patient, the sun will rise. Soon, one of the sunrises will see its release.


I understand what e.ghost is thinking ( at least, i have a idea).
I know is better to wait a little longer and put my hands on a great and stable software than work with something else. But we need something more concrete than “It´l be released when it is ready…”
There are too many people who is counting and waiting for CAVS3, then, i can understand why Comodo is being caution to anounce anything

My sugestion is if Comodo don´t want (or cannot) stablish a realese date, you could, at least, say in what stage of work you are, something like this:

In 8-21-08, Comodo Develop Team has conclude 50-60% of CAVS3 work
In 8-21-08, Comodo Develop Team has conclude 30-40% of CIS work

And the next month you could update the informatio:

In 9-21-08, Comodo Develop Team has conclude 50-60% of CAVS3 work
In 9-21-08, Comodo Develop Team has conclude 32-42% of CIS work

All I can tell you is that: Today I received CEO’s Early edition version of CIS. I have installed it in my VM and running it. I like it so far! It still has some graphical work before it can reach a beta stage.


Hi Melih, ahhhh, the privileges of being a CEO what a life! Keep us posted & BTW I could survive slightly below par graphics… :wink:

Regards :-TU

That´s Realy good news to hear

Sounds good Melih!

Don’t get me wrong guys, I’m the last person who wants Comodo to rush CAVS3 's release. I had all I could stand of that scenario with AVG 8.0, and I went back to 7.5. But AVG has changed 7.5’s “end of all support and sig updates” from Dec 31 to Aug 31. A month ago, with all the “imminent release” chatter about CAVS3 Beta, it got my hopes up. Now that the AVG deadline is looming large, I’m getting nervous.

I wouldn’t mind using CAV2 Beta until CAVS3 is here, but it just doesn’t run on my system without many problems.

I started using Avira yesterday, hopefully it can fill the void until CAVS3 (in any form) finally arrives.

Patience is a virtue, but I want my CAVS3!!!


I dont mind it being delayed to get everything working like clockwork, its better in the long run. For example, if “company x” release a beta for their product too early but are aware of bugs 1 to 34, then their tech support/forums will be flooded with people reporting these bugs they are already aware of & will probably miss the reports of bugs they are not aware of because their inbox is flooded with a million emails to search through.

it was the same when vista was released. And crysis for that matter. & look how long theyve taken to be fixed properly,

Hi Melih

I have my VM machine too. So can I try it without being a CEO? Why don’t you release CIS or CAV3 for your forum users to try? Nonetheless, I would like to thank you for giving us something for free and I should not be impatient. Thank you for all your efforts and hard work.


Give the CEO a chance to review it and give is Q and A stuff back to the development team. to further improve it before the beta comes out.

It’s getting close, I can almost smell it lol.

P.S. It’s Comodo’s approach to CAVS3 that has my confidence in the product. Just look at Defense+, no one saw that coming from CPF 2.14



There is a certain quality we expect even from a Beta… until we reach that stage we can’ t realease.

Add your email address to the waiting list and set yourself to cruise control, I’ve seen what happens when people get impatient and everything goes hay wire take the release of Fire Fox 3 people are still complaining that 1/2 their addons went bye bye, besides its the waiting that gives you patience (:CLP)

Thank you,

CAVS3 it will be “free for all” (including commercial use) or just for personal use (or small business use) ?
Thank you.

Yes. According to Mr.Melih CAVS 3 will be free for commercial use also :-TU


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Hi. How many virus signatures will be in CAV 3 database? Are there any comparisons with other antivirus products (Outpost Security Suite, NOD32 etc.) or maybe CAV will be with ideal heuristics? Need something to install at the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.

Hey Yataslau, Welcome to the Forums.

CAV3 Database will have all from viruses, trojans, spyware, malware, rookits, etc… How many viruses? Don’t know… But we have a special tool Called “Comodo Malware Analysis System” where users submit files through and it catches malware through there. For Example, Comodo put 30,000 files through that system and it caught 109 NEW Malware NO ONE DETECTS! (True Story by the way) :slight_smile: So you have AV Researchers & That neat System.

As for comparison, CAV will be competing in the next 12 months or so. I am sure when CAV3 is released soon you will be impressed with the improvements, Yes it does have heuristics too and over 50 unpackers and expanding, and a VERY fast on-access and on-demand scanner.

Stay tuned… :slight_smile: