best antivirus? [merged]


Your list is missing Avira AntiVir which is free for private use!

I think Avast! 4.7 and NOD 32 is the best anti-virus avaliable.
But I use Avast! 4.7 since NOD 32 isn’t free.


Avast is a great free anti-virus, and NOD 32 is certainly the best paid for product. However, I still prefer to use CAVS as I find the HIPS feature to be excellent and my systems give me less trouble now that at any time in the past.

Currently use CFP, CAVS and BOClean.


What about bitdefender, f-secure, pc-cillin, pc tools antivirus, CA antivirus, Norman virus control, antiviruskit, Panda, F-prot, etc…

P.S. it’s not kasperskey, it’s Kaspersky

See the option saying ‘Other’? :slight_smile:


i think CAV is the best antivirus for some reason :

  1. it’s free (:TNG)i love free product, but i hate free edition (free edition means there’s a pro edition or
    platinum edition and the free one is a crippled edition)
  2. it’s got HIPS

my second choice is NORMAN VIRUS CONTROL, thought it’s not free, it’s got better virus definition, coz it’s got local support in my country, so the detection rate for local virus is higher than other

The option “other” is a little too early. The big players should be included.

Once CAVS is out of beta, we all know what will be the best ;D .

Dead Right!


I agree :slight_smile:

I prefer Avast! over AntiVir as a freeware scanner because AntiVir gives too many false positives on heuristic scanning. And I prefer NOD 32 over Kaspersky as a paid scanner because NOD 32 has the best heuristic scanner on the market.

But my vote goes to NOD 32 :slight_smile:

Greetz, Red.

I keep hearin about AntiVir’s false positives but I use it and I’ve never ever had a false positive myself, or a positve of any kind for that matter. ???

Depends on how you have the preferences, if you are on expert mode and heuristic on high detection you will have some FP

I have heuristics set to middle (default) and have seen three or four false positives within about six years. When I encounter one I upload it and in the next update it is corrected.

Woo! for Avast! and Nod32 :smiley:

Thanks for clearing that. But then false positives are not a valid argument against AntiVir because they appear only if you set it to paranoid mode, and that’s not the default setting. But the case is that I hear a lot about people discarding AntiVir because of false positives, and as I said the way I see it that’s not a valid point. Just my two cents. :slight_smile:

For sure the two best would be Nod32 and Antivir, but I do love the hourly signitures in Kaspersky and of course the great heuristics and detection rate in Antivir, but Nod32 and Antivir for sure, are you reading this Comodo!! Hint hint wink wink (:WIN)

I couldn’t agree more.

I don’t know which AV is the best, I think no one does. But I currently use CAVS. :slight_smile:

Btw, see the attached screen shot. What does that mean, what will happen to me now? 8)


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LOL Barrotes will be coming after you, who you gonna call? :smiley:

When CAVS is out of beta I’ll keep a sharp eye on its test results. (M)

EDIT: I’ve just noticed that in Avira AntiVir you can set the heuristics differently for scan and guard. Anyway I’ll set it at high for both and see if I get so many false positives.