best antivirus? [merged]

To tell you the truth I had a terrible nightmare last night, just hours after posting that picture! :o

I’m certain that the next CAVS will be a great improvement, according to Melih’s posts. He hasn’t let us down before. :wink:


EDIT: by the way, the last signature update of CAVS included 55 signatures. From what I’ve heard the database is being quickly built up. Thumbs up!

EDIT: I've just noticed that in Avira AntiVir you can set the heuristics differently for scan and guard. Anyway I'll set it at high for both and see if I get so many false positives.
Normally you wont get so many FP, 1-2 in a month or something (isn't much is it? 88))

CA Trust, Pc is almost 2 years anti virus with this scanner (:CLP)


I use Avast Home 4.7 as primary, and BitDefender as on-demand scanner.

But, if the new CAVS is half as good as CFP I’ll have to re-think my strategy! ;D


I cant wait until CAVS is out, I’ll be switching ALL my comps to CAVS :slight_smile: and of course CFP

Personally I like avast! but in my opinion Comodo Antivirus has the most potential :slight_smile:

Avira free lacks e-mail scanner, but has added a realtime archive scanner now (on demand).

It lacks adware/spyware detection and firewall, things an AV should not necessarily have included.

Avira free RULEZ as the most potent FREE AV solution available worldwide.

(avast and avg are good, but not quite there, IMHO)

Cheers (:TNG)

haizz, everyday i chek dis forum to see whether got any announcement on new CAVS, i’m looking for a day dat my laptop is Comodo security suite-protected.

As everyone here knows, it will take a long time for a developer to build up a reliable database. It may take years. So use a fine AV until then, try CAVS, send in suspects, help build up the db, but don’t ever demand or expect a fullgrown total protection at the moment. Let it grow. And help if you can.


kaspersky and nod32

the question of best AV is put again and again. I myself feel theres no need to find out da answer. I need da best FW and best HIPS (which we kno, CPF3!). AV? bunch of free is best.

A bunch? Having multiple AV programs is as bad as having multiple firewalls installed.

He doesn’t mean several resident ones, but several on-demand scanners.

OK, that’s fine then.

best AV is CAVS and spyware terminator ( it’s AV too right? it has clam AV) coz they have HIPS function. does anybody (who are using nod32 and the other “best”) know a virus named “KESPO GANK”. i don’t think so.
for unknown local viruses like this kespo (too bad i don’t have the sample to be submitted), we need HIPS!


u got me, japo

Then the bunch should include a local AV.

yeah, too bad the local supported AV in my country (Norman Virus Control) ain’t free :cry:

ganda, I kno there is open-source Indonesian AV hosted on SourceForge called Media AV.

And I also remember theres another free Indonesian AV somewhere but I cant remember da name.

Apparently, those AVs r not well-regconized in terms of detection rate as commented by some users.

Luckily, Vietnam’s security leader firm, Back Khoa AV, does provide free version. It claims itself can deal w most Asian viruses but havnt been testified :slight_smile: And i dun think u can understand Vietnamese.

cool, thx for the info aladinonl, i think the other one is called “wedhas AV”.haven’t try it. i’ll try both. thx again