Best Anti Rookit?

I have to partially disagree with one point there that a real pro rootkit will circumvent all pc security.Whilst it’s true that ,once installed,a rootkit can be very difficult to remove,there are plenty of preventative measures to stop it installing in the first place.

Of course, you can run GMER on boot anytime…

If you really trust it, it may be one the best, as you might agree.

There’s many other Antirookies out there, some are said to be even better than GMER now, you only need to trust them all…

But who really knows.

GMER and all of them others are TOLD TO BE SAFE by freeware providers, whilst the progs being not open source for the most. HOW can the freeware providers REALLY know those progs are not rootkits themselves, how did they test those progs? I can tell you. They used NORTON AV and Kaspersky probably, but they won’t be able to really tell you what those progs do.

That’s my main prob with those anti-rookies…

Maybe I’m wrong here…
Maybe not. Who can tell?

Fair point there Morphos,with small independent utilities there has to be a certain amount of trust that they’re the good guys.As to anti rootkit utils GMER is good,as is Panda anti-rootkit which detects all current,‘in the wild’ rootkits.Icesword too is a very good scanner.

Another approach I’ve found very effective is to use Ultimate Boot CD for Windows (BartPE disk),which contains a util called rootkitty.If you take a scan from within that,then another from within Windows,a comparison should highlight anything suspicious.

IceSword is (from what I’ve read/heard) supposed to be quite good; however, to get the most out of it, you really need to know how to use it. And good luck with the Chinese help files if you can’t read 'em! :smiley:

GMER can do a lot as well, and RootKit Revealer has a good reputation for doing what it does. A lot of these types of tools seem to be born out of the “hacking” community, either on one side or another. Thus, it’s probably wise to make sure you know what you’re getting, and how to use it…


Icesword is an excellent and very detailed scanner but definitely not for the faint hearted (:NRD)

A lot of well known security companies are providing rootkit scanners free of charge now,some would say better late than never!

Actually Comodo anti-rootkit has a nice ring to it,perhaps someone should give Melih a shout. :smiley:

Actually Comodo anti-rootkit has a nice ring to it,perhaps someone should give Melih a shout.
+1... I'd sure like to drive that "CAR"! ;D