Are we going to release v3 next tuesday 20th Nov or not? [Closed]

Are we?


OOOH BOY!! :o :o :o

You’d better not be kidding this! :cry:

I voted no because, every time you have said anything, in advance about a release date there always seems to be a delay(last minute bug, or installation problem)

I honestly hope I am wrong tho!

uh oh we have a few No’s coming in :o

No as well, not unless the devs themselves are satisfied.

I vote yes, he wouldn’t have put out a teaser like this if it wasn’t so.


Another one? :smiley: If the next is the final and it will really fix all those bugs reported by members then by all means :THNK

Oh yes he would, and it wouldn’t be the first time either!

But, like I said in my last post…I voted NO, but, I do hope i’m wrong

I vote no :-\

Don’t release it before all major bugs reported by the members are solved. Please don’t be rushed to release it by any test or anything else :-X

Greetz, Red.

I vote no

please fix all reported bugs, and let dev teams to decide release days .

I vote no

It’s getting close but I´m still seeing to many bug reports and I would really like to see some kind of indicator as to what rule was triggered in the logs, kind of like 2.4

NO!, make it 19 nov ;D
the next v3 would be the final right? and the final means no bug CFP3.

I vote yes :BNC :BNC :BNC

I vote no, better fix the bug before releasing CFP3 to the public!
I’d rather have an (almost) bug-free firewall than get it released fast :wink:


I put yes because I would love the final to be bug free, if it ain’t then I should’ve put no. This newest rc1 I can’t use due to being not stable enough on my computer.

At this point I’d have to say no too. My feeling is, if you have something, that you believe is suitable for release, why not put it out as a pre-release preview. If all is well after a few days to a week, then release the program. I believe this is the best way to ensure consumer confidence.

Just my two pence :slight_smile:

I voted no. Better release it after all major bugs have been fixed.

I will say yes because I am sure that Melih will not release it unless he is sure the bugs have been fixed and I don’t think he would mention this date if he was not fairly sure Comodo could meet it…


I voted yes because I think that’s what will happen since Melih opened the topic, at least that’s the way I understood it and the way I understood the pool question (“will it be released?” not “should it be released?”). But of course I’ve always said that it should never be released half assed, a lot of attention will be upon it not only in this forum. :slight_smile: But I know the Comodo staff is working hard and am confident that the final release will be good, can’t wait. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Today is the 14th of November. I voted yes, cause i’m a kind of comodo fan, but you only released 1 RC. My opinion was that you will release some more RCs (around 7 /included rc1/) and meanwhile you will make it possible to use skins and to translate the firewall texts. Also, don’t forget we’ll need a help file. (translation can take a week at least, but a month). I don’t think you will make these until the 20th of November :THNK.