Zemana Antilogger Giveaway Tommorow

Giveaway on February 04, 2013


Good one! Thanks! :-TU

Supposed to be a good program but when you download the free paid license version that’s valid for one year.(regularly $29.95 free giveaway today) and it’s active in the system it Fails to their own test!With the Sandbox or Without it!

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I can confirm on a real machine.

Free version is different to the paid one. Free one is more or less useless… Try the paid one. It works fine.

Here is the video where free one fails it’s own test as well:


Free Zemana keylogging Tester fails to own purchased Zemana Keylogging Protector Product.
I download the Zemana Giveaway today and activated it with my key from Zemana with one year of registration and it failed. Bottom line.

What failed? I’m confused here. Works fine here.

What I am saying is i got the free paid version license today and installed it and had the zemana protection active in my trayicon as you can see in my screenshots in the lower right corner. Then i downloaded their kelogging test program that they giveaway and tried it and i could keylog successfully with Zemana Active Protection. In the Sandbox and without the Sandbox. Look At Screenshot lower right corner you will see Paid version of Zema is active and did nothing to stop their own test. If you own Zemana go download the keylogger test program and test your Paid for Zemana. Or download the Zemana test from my attachment below. you will see then.

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Okay now I get it. Well I don’t know what’s seem to be an issue in your case. But my paid Zemana stopped all it’s own tests. Also it did okay on the Spyshelter test as well. When you run Zemana tests don’t you get any warning to block?

Testing in win7 ultimate x64, with test run normal and in fully virtualized and the keylog fail with Zemana Active Protection.

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kerhac what are you doing different than what DrHaze shows ?

It would appear he is using the free version which blocks the test.
But we definitely know now the Paid version does not block the test.

That is crazy.

I got the free paid version. Mind you I’ve not tried the test.

But what gets me the paid version unblocks Antilogger to show all Key logges

And the Free version, on which is Free Blocks Anti logger and it does not show the info you typed. well it shows encrypted text.

I’m just puzzled.

What are Zemana up to.

Plus other info that Zeus Malware, that acts as Man in the Browser Attacts. it’s still very much active. Info here:

and a Video about it here > BBC Click 04-02-2012 - YouTube

Just thought I’d share.

Thanks in advance


Edit: Text and mistakes

Yes I can verify it. If you run the FREE zemana antilogger iwill protect against their own test when their tester is running fully virtualized in the sand box or when their tester just runs with admin privileges.
But Their Paid version Fails!

Right. Just tested again for you in the admin mode. Nope the paid version blocks all admin or non-admin test. You have an issue with your system or CIS does conflict with it. Disable CIS and test it on it’s own. What is your system?

Note: I don’t have CIS on the tested system. And paid Zemana blocks all the tests.

could be windows 8 x64 I ran it as untrusted in the sandbox and ran as administrator. On two different PC’s I will run it with behavior of and defense + off and report back. With Defense + disabled and hips Zemana paid still fails to it’s own test. are your on windows 8? Zemana free blocks the test.


D Bone says he can reproduce it as well

I got this info from Zemana and it says down their list of Security Software, that, they have tested with

Comodo Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Compatible with Zemana

info found on the bottom of there webpage > http://zemana.com/product/antilogger/overview/

So Seany007 I dunno now

Oh Windows 8! That’s why… I see. No I’m on Windows 7 64-Bit. I read somewhere that Zemana has several issues protecting Windows 8 esp version 64-Bit.

I know that. But not with version 6. It’s version 5 I think.

Yeah, you maybe right. But I dunno. I will just have to see what DrHaze and kerhac think. Since they tested it with CIS 5 and 6, but I think more with CIS 6