You're favorite Martial Artist/Fighter/Boxer?

Go! :slight_smile:

Boxer- Jack Dempsey (old school)

Martial Arts- Royce Gracie

Sho Kosugi

Gary Albright ;D

My favorite boxers were Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. Roy Jones Jr. was pretty good too. I’ve never been into martial arts at all but I do like Jackie Chan’s movies. He’s the only fighter turned actor I can stand.

Myself ???

I remember it was fun punching the little brother. :smiley: :smiley:

Roy Jones Jr. was too much of a showboat for my tastes. Then one day he just turned into a tomato can. :smiley:

Margaret Thatcher.

I would fight her with a bottle of acid ;D

She looks like someone already has. ;D

You would lose.

Try raising your fists at this guy if you have an early death wish

Every time Chuck Norris kicks he farts out a Ganda. ;D

I heard about american saying – “God made people strong and weak. Colt made people equal”. Not sure if this saying is real, but agree with its point.

An armed society is a polite society :slight_smile:

And a duelistic one. 88)

Are you saying it’s a bad thing? 88)

Some people like to kill others. 88)

But we have weapons in our house…and I’m not against people having them. Except known criminals…

With freely available weapons (not to minors though): Good people can protect themselves.

Without them: Some evil people find some anyway…and the better people don’t. :-\

Are you saying it’s a bad thing? ;D

They called him a hero
In the land of the free
But he wouldn’t shake my hand boy
He disappointed me
So I got my hand gun
And I blew him away
That critter was a bad guy
And I had to make him pay >:-D

I drive through the streets and I care not a ■■■■
The people they stare and they ask who I am
And if I should chance to run over a cad
I can pay for the damage if ever so bad

So pleasent it is to have money

  Anonymous, 19th Century