Yesterday's greatest dream is today's worst nightmare(COMODO 5) :-[

We both may be wrong, and both be right - we are all human beings :). This is business, big business, with a large circulation of money…

Have a nice time, Alex.

It really is very important to understand that the main way CIS aims to protect you is by preventing unknown files doing anything that will damage your computer. That’s what default deny means.

So CIS will protect you against threats caught by AVs (including its own) and threats not caught by AVs (including its own).

AV is pretty primitive security technology to be honest… Helpful only as part of a suite of protection tools.

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Here is another review where CIS did a great job.

So relax and stop worrying for nothing.

Why is there a poll?
This thread became ridiculous…

Melih? ;D something to say ???

Hehe.Well, CIS detects almost everything, but not always with the AV.The most of the time, the greatest keeper is D+.So…no problem for me with detections.:slight_smile:


So far CIS 5.0 is a dream come true for me and when I read the poll results at the top of this thread 91% of those voted agreed with that they’re staying with Comodo!


;D Its great that its free, but if Comodo ever did charge for its Security products, based on where its at present in terms of overall protection, i would gladly pay!.

I wonder if another poll was started and the question of “would you pay for Cis in its present form?”, what the result would be like in comparison to this one.

Of course this is all hypothetical as Cis internet security will always have the free option without crippling security as is the case with some other apps out there.


I feel if someone need a nightmare they can choose Norman, McAfee or Kingsoft :stuck_out_tongue:

Clocks, if this is what he want to say, sorry, but it is stupid. The final protection is what counts.

Me too, there is no reason for dropping down detection.

The serious companies, yes.

Nothing yet - but it’s good. :wink:
Like they say- “Silence is golden but duct tape is silver”

Close this thread, please! It’s pointless and useless.If somebody doesn’t like comodo, it’s OK, but "“Nightmares & Dreamscapes”…LoL. :smiley:

You would be surprised to see how many of them are here pretending to be users but doing their best to damage Comodo :wink:

But the tide is turning against them, the force is strong, it will overwhelm them :slight_smile:


around $10B + worth of monies at stake here!!! There are many “paid” Social Media guys from around the world who go and put posts in forums or blogs for money…

You mean ive been doing all this for FREE!!! :smiley:

I suppose that on most forums including this one, some people only come for some, if not trolling, at least avdocated from other security softwares forums to be only negative.

But is not stating that each and every negative comment is made to damage Comodo, and not to want to make it better somewhat schizophrenic?

You and me both mate :slight_smile:

+1 Guys!!! It’s terrific an AV like thunder!!! :wink: