Yesterday's greatest dream is today's worst nightmare(COMODO 5) :-[

Hello everybody I was waiting for this release for couple of weeks but exactly what I was scared of this to happend :-TD

COMODO’s detection was dropping down from vertion 3.14 but I never thought it would reach this level :frowning:
I closed my eyes and thought for a second COMODO is great I opend them and realized COMODO is living it’s low detection days all over watch languy’s review on the following link and judge it yourself I’m no longer a COMODO fan:

please vote on the pole

I was just about to post this link into this forums as i was stressing it’s poor detection and cloud rateings.

AHH feels good to know i am not the only member. The av Caught 1 out of like 16 links i think clam av would have done better. How embarrassing is this?

you have no idea what is coming, trust me when I say the best detection is coming.

Can you give me any info about what coming? A hint maybe via PM? :wink:

Ill beileave it when i see it.

Why are you taking such conclusion?

I cannot give any hints, only Melih can give them out sorry.

Maybe Comodo is purchasing a company?

Funny, I asked him the same in the languy99 video he made on youtube. :stuck_out_tongue:

And warned again. If you have concerns focus them in one place. Don’t go over the forums continuing your post poisoning trip. Consider yourself warned.

On a sidenote. Comodo Internet Security is all about prevention. And prevention with the new default sandbox settings is truly something. In the early stages of the development egemen told us mods that they ran CIS against 15,000 malwares; none of them had come through.

Be happy. You are better protected than ever!!! :-TU

Here is a guess at what the guy may be seeing. In prior Youtube tests, CISs AV component usually catches more files. In this most recent one, it only caught a few, and most the links when past the AV to the sandbox.

Maybe it was just a odd sample. Anytime I have thrown malware at CIS, the AV always has surprised me how good it is. I really doubt detection from the AV would drop between versions, unless the new version is using some sort of generic signatures to cut down on the size/resource usage.

let me tell you these samples that I used had a detection of 15 or less on virustotal, so they are very new samples, I had some that had only 2 or 3 detections. I did that to really see how well the new protection would work.

To all the users posting about the “poor detection”, who goes around and purposely tries to infect their computers IRL?

I‘m a user of CIS5 Beta,and it’s all right till now! I like it!

I’m trying it out right now. It seems to be more polished than v4 and jam packed with so many options I just with there was an option to have any files downloaded kept inside the sandbox in a little “download basket” icon on the taskbar.

If I were a CEO any competing companies sell anti-virus solutions, I’d organize small disinformation against threatening competitors…

Do not blame anyone, but some posts from time to time lead me to such thoughts. :slight_smile:

Best regards Alex.

I m joyously using CIS 5, i dont understand in what way anyone can see it as nightmare? it seems competitors using such kind of strategy to prevent user to go CIS 5, which is better than other paid antivirus softwares.
I noticed CIS 5 to more FAST, Reliable, I love new interface, I like new features added in it.
Simply the best~
Thanks comodo team for bringing such superb product & giving it completely FREE :slight_smile:

Nightmare? :D:D:D

Did you see this ALL this movie? Comodo stoped all malwares. Melih said, that detection will be better(languy99 also ):stuck_out_tongue:

I think most competitors are more interested in improving their own products, but I could be wrong.