(Withdrawn) Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.4.397159.309 Released!!!

Hello Friends ! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

We’ re very happy and excited to announce that Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.4.397159.309 second hotfix version is now released !

***Tha aim of this release is to fix some important bugs found in the previous hotfix version.

As it is stated before, we continue with the same cool dynamic way and keep improving Comodo Cloud Antivirus with new version releases. We are getting close to Perfection with each release !

As you know we are also improving Valkyrie system gradually, expect new releases in short terms and our calendar will be very dynamic !

You , being the most important participant of this protection chain, help us to improve the product with your feedbacks . We are the warriors against the unknowns, you make us more powerful ! Internet will be a more secure place with the help of Comodo users !

Please always keep in mind that this product is being shaped with your feedbacks, this is your product! Because You are important for us and we are here to support you for your online protection needs. Please keep providing your feedbacks for us to serve you the best!

Note: Users with previous versions installed will receive an update with this release.

Thank you very much to you all in advance !!

What’s new in 1.4.397159.309 ?

  • Fixes
    Ccavsrv.exe crashed after installed CCAV if language is Russian.
    Fls parent sha1 is not correct

Download Location

WITHDRAWN Comodo Cloud Antivirus Hotfix V1.4.397159.309

*Important Note: Because of a major bug found on the version, the version has been withdrawn to the previous version. Further information for the next release will be given asap

To upgrade, can we over install?


I am really angry about that how CCAV serve the Yandex toolbar to users.
It is such an unwanted behavior that applied by malwares & PUPs. Why? Didn’t I install CCAV to protect me from those behaviors?

Please end this behavior. Does CCAV our product (you mentioned this not us) Please stay away such practises. :-TD

New release causing my PC could not normally initiate the PC. Recover it to the old version.

By upgrading?

Yes, its ironic…I install a program that tries to change browser search with Yahoo & CCAV alerts me…And CCAV does the same thing tries to change browser search with Yahoo.

I totally agree, Please stay away with such practices.

It seems I have found another bug.
I downloaded the newest version of CrystalDiskInfo (Download - Crystal Dew World [en]); I chose the standard + installer version.
I started the installer (CrystalDiskInfo7_0_2-en). Of course the CCAV sandbox kicked in.
I clicked the CCAV pop-up to disable the sandbox.
I wanted to close/cancel the installer (screenshot 1 = crystaldiskinfo) so I can start the installation outside of sandbox. It did not let me.
So I finished the installation inside the sandbox and wanted to start anew.
But the installer icon was still visible in the task bar and nothing happens when I click it.
I checked it, and the installer still has several processes open (screenshot 2 = not_closed).

UPDATE: when killing the CrystalDiskInfo process and starting the installation again, it worked fine. But installing programs this way can be annoying.

Can please someone from the team try to recreate this and fix it?
My OS is still the newest updated Windows 10 Home x64.

[attachment deleted by admin]

I have experienced this sometimes i.e you cannot close the sandbox window And you have to go into the GUI & end the sandboxed program.

And I downloaded the same installer & run it in sandbox…installed fine & program opened…I closed it But the installer icon was still showing in the taskbar…I tried to close the installer icon but couldn’t…And I have to go into the GUI & end the sandboxed files.

Win 10 64 Pro Clean Install Anniversary Build Latest Updates
Comodo Cloud Antivirus 1.4.396943.306

all bugs should be reported in their own topic in the bug report thread so they dont get lost

I will follow it, and then give you feedback when i back office on Monday.

Will do. Next time I find an error/bug, I will report to the bug section of the forum.

Thank you. Until then, enjoy your weekend.

And this Yahoo thing is also pushed with update.
Today I got update notification & Yahoo thing was there in the notification.

I think will revert to my previous config Windows Defender + VoodooShield.

great job guys!

After Rating Scan And Full Scan I have 278 Unknown Files Being Analyzed by Valkyrie.
Out of 278 files, only 4-5 files are my programs related, rest all are Windows In-Built Apps & Windows Updates.
Its been 2 days And only 60 files analyzed yet.

Windows In-Built Apps And Windows Updates Files must have already analyzed by Valkyrie, right?
So, does this means Valkyrie is not only not fully live yet But also not working with already analyzed files? Otherwise verdict should be quick for already analyzed files But it doesn’t seem so?

This whole analyzing of Windows files is indeed weird. One would think you guys have this whitelisted internally considering it’s included in the very OS everyone is using.

well, lots of problems concerning ccav… im out of this for now… maybe in a few releases ill be back to ccav… I guess the cloud thing is not for me… :frowning: cant relly on cloud based signatures…

What do you mean you can’t rely on cloud based signatures?
Are you thinking that the signatures provide protection and because they are cloud based you don’t get protection?

Why doing ccavsrv.exe nonstop high CPU and HDD usage?

Could you let me see your system information? you can get it by command “msinfo32”.