Wishlist for CMS [merged topic]

Hey comodo team and Melih , I have a few suggestions that I would like to see in comodo for android:

Cloud AV that scans using stateful inspection to prevent rescanning safe files

Manual scan capabilities that scan at root level

secure web browsing that can block melicous sites

call/sms blocking

sim card lock to prevent device from being used with new sim card if stolen

Data encryption to protect sensitive information with finger print lock or password

app classification by what permissions they want and alert the user of possible security problems

server backup capabilities for your device contacts, videos, pictures, e-mail and text messages

missing device locator that can show you the location on a map, lock down the device, have the device scream, take a picture of the user if forward facing camera is available and remotely wipe all personal data.

I think this covers the main security needs for android, if you can deliver this as a free app it would make comodo the top contender in the droid world.

I would like to have anti thief component.
Something which would allow me to remotely control my phone, track its location, delete all data on it, lock it etc. :slight_smile:


Add an application startup manager under Software Manager

  • Status bar icon is a bit too big. It should be as big as 3G Watchdog icon to look really nice
  • I miss “Update only when on WiFi” option (DrWeb Light seems to be the only AV to have this feature)
  • I miss “Don’t update if roaming”

An Anti-theft feature is a must have, all major vendors have it. what the point of privacy protection, if my phone is stolen or lost. A locate/lock/wipe remote command is necessary.

Anti-Theft with password-protection for uninstallation process
mini Firewall to alert and filter unknown applications trying to connect to the internet
ability to scan the SD card contents on-demand

I would like to see CMS similar to CIS with a firewall (like Droidwall), antivirus and defense+.

Each module would have it’s own section at the bottom of the screen (where “Home” and “Utilities” currently are). “Call/SMS Blocking” could be moved into Firewall, “Process Manager” and “Software Manager” moved into Defense+.


I would like to see privacy features implemented in CMS. (like LBE Privacy Guard)


anti theft protection will be really great.

I have seen and use androidlost that has the option for taking remote pictures and recording sound to pinpoint and see possible location and perpetrators. Missing a good AV on it bt the rest is great.

  • Read the latest SMS’es from your phone and send them to your email.
  • Find the location of your phone on a map. network and wifi
  • You can send SMS’es directly from your phone by typing them on AndroidLost.com
  • You can lock and unlock the phone from the web.
  • you may wipe the entire phone so all SMS’es, contact and google setup is removed
  • Send a message to the friendly guy who have found your phone
  • You can send keys to the dialer of your phone. That way you can forward your calls from your mobile to a nearby phone.
  • will not use any battery since it does not poll any server to find out if it is lost
  • You didn’t install AndroidLost on your phone? No problem! You can push the AndroidLost app to your phone from google market and initiate the connection to googles servers by sending an SMS with the message “androidlost register” to your phone.
  • Detect how much battery is left, display IMEI, SIM card ID and much more
  • You can set up a phonenumber which can control you phone, i.e. start the alarm by sending an SMS
  • Click a button and your SD card will be erased!
  • When the SIM card is changed an email will be sent to the owner of the phone and it’s friends
  • Hidden SMS
  • A list of incomming and outgoing calls will be sent to your email.
  • AndroidLost can take pictures with the front facing camera in case the phone is stolen.
  • You can make your phone speak out load.I am lost - please pick me up!
  • you may control more that one phone from your account
  • remote login on your phone and browse all files and folders and download all

all that would be great to have in cms. I’m in


More a suggestion than wishlist. Everytime I receive a SMS (having setup contact in private space), it appears as “Missed an SMS message”. I think this should be changed to something like “CMS has received an SMS message”.


Even avast released its beta for android and it has more features than comodo even a firewall wonder when comodo has such features

I hope we will have a full fledge CMS soon.
Thanks Comodo for providing free quality product.

to run a firewall on an android phone it needs to be rooted. Most people (99%) will never do that so avast’s firewall in my opinion is mostly for marketing.

how do you root Android and what exactly does rooting do? what all can you gain from rooting your phone and can it ■■■■■ up your phone? sorry for asking several questions in one post

Add an option to not show any hidden calls/texts, similar to the option to not display blocked calls/texts.


We can only add phone numbers to [add to black list].
In CMS there is no [clear list ] button for Black Listed numbers which are added for blocking .

Can add this feature tooo…

Thanks & Regards,