Wishlist - CAS

Please help us make our Anti spam product better by suggesting how you would like us to improve it.


I think that you should change the spam filter to a frequently updated database that uses the Bayesian spam filtering method.

Mozilla Thunderbird capability. I tried it with Thunderbird and it didn’t work right.

I agree that Bayesian would be the first thing I would look for. I’d also like to see Anti-Spam incorporated into the Lauch Pad, to eliminate a second icon in the system tray.

I have deactivated my copy at the moment as otherwise I need to enable/disable throughout the day to make sure I pickup the “False Positives” that it is capturing. I initially thought it was only a couple of senders it was stopping but it isn’t. So there is obviously something askew there at the moment.

I am also running Office 2007 Beta and whether or not this is somehow affecting things I am unaware. I know that Outlook 2007 component of that is definately having problems as it keeps crashing and causing drwatson to generate reports.


It would be great if in the email account windows, that we could delete the unused accounts and not only disable them.

As I live in Brasil and my native language is portuguese, I suggest to have a way to create a message in other languages.
By the way, anti spam is great.

(WCF4) I suggest diferent colors for enabled and disabled icon in taskbar or a cross when disabled

Does this proggie only work with just one email account? I have 4 email accounts, 3 from my ISP and one company account…

I’d prefer to have the option of checking the incoming email against Public Blacklists like Spamhaus’s while they are not as effective as they used to be it’s always nice to be able to do it, I would also like to have it integrated into the Comodo Launch Pad…

with the anti- spam , could it be connected to all spam data basses , so that the e-mails received can be detected as spam from the databases .

Shall we put an ability to check the URL inside the message to see whether this URL belongs to a spammer or not, and then allow all our users to be able to report an email (and the url in it) to Comodo so that Comodo can then update all other users against this URL and when the antispam finds this in an email it marks it as spam?

Would you like that? any ideas, extensions, modifications to this?


Yes I like this idea a lot.

That seems like a very good idea. It could be very effective, but how would the URLs be checked? Is it up to the individual user to determine whether a link is valid or not? If yes, it would probably be best to require a minimum number of reports about a specific URL before adding it to the spamlist in order to prevent (individual) mistakes.

Or we can have Human Editors whose job is it to check these URL,s and the email content and determine its a spam or not!


Hi Melih,

The only reason I don’t use the Antispam now is because when I installed it with CPF my internet connection would be blocked and my e-mail would not work, so I stopped using it until you guys release a newer version after Comodo releases a newer version I will try it again.



Oh, I misunderstood your suggestion.
This sounds very good.

Agree whole heartedly 100% Deletion of an account should be standard.

It works under Other but yes it should be standard because Thunderbird is gaining popularity. Rapidly!!

Please add Thunderbird support :slight_smile:

AntiSpam not working with nod32 antivirus…