Wishlist - CAS

Many things come to light:
Need global plus individual whitelists, blacklists etc go if something is quarantined it can be OK’d for whole set of accounts

Quarantine database needs a “show all” option so you don’t have to hunt through each email account

Default options for mail servers etc would be good with option to override for each individual email account

I have found the ASA templates can be copied and altered but in general all the messages need to be customisable - especially true for non English globalisation - but in general I like to make sure wording of emails matches my style.

This shows the number of blocked emails - but when you report them as SPAM and they are deleted from the quarantine database the number is not decremented

I’ve installed it but all emails are passing CAS…I’ve submitted a problem ticket and I’ve got a reply telling that it’s my AV (McAfee VirusScan Enterprise) is causing this…so now I have to wait for a solution but I’m really eager to get it working to completely eliminate all these spam/junk mails.

I’ve seen more issues with CPF and CAS. So IMHO, each Commodo product should not ‘confuse’ any other Comodo product or every Comodo program should work irrespective what other software has been installed…

I’m new with using Comodo’s AntiSpam and Firewall. Unfortunately, AntiVirus was hanging the system when booting up after installation requiring the product to be taken off by a System Restore. But, I find AntiSpam and Firewall to be really good products. Actually, I religiously used Norton’s (practically all products) Internet Security, AV and antispam. But, since I mod my system so often, too many changes and system restores causes too many activations and finally it shuts down. But, I find the Comodo products to be just as good or better.

In reference to AntiSpam, I use Outlook Express. There are a few different users with different identities that are password protected on the system. Unfortunately, this security doesn’t cross over to Comodo AS. I can view the captured e-mail of the other users and they can read mine in the Quaratine database. I’m hoping this can be addressed.

Thanks in advance for your response.

If there could be some kind of integration with email programs like Outlook and Outlook Express, that would be great. Also, when emails are checked automatically by Outlook and Outlook Express, no notification is given as to when messages are blocked or quarantined. This would also be helpful. So far, I have used SpamFighter to date, but it seems that CAS might be better. Maybe if you could work in some functionality where a set of certral servers take a “survey” of all email addresses that are blacklisted by all users and have those automatically quarantined. Also, I second the motion on making the Quarantine section to show ALL emails blocked from ALL accounts, instead of just having a separate screen for each one. It’s too time-consuming to click each account and search for it. If they were quarantined into “AnitSpam” folder within Outlook/Outlook Express, that would be even more convenient. Integration = covenience.

Sounds like a very efficient system! :stuck_out_tongue: But wouldn’t it cause privacy issues? ???

Ok, well I guess I’ll take the plunge… so when is “Slave-driven Antispam 1.0” going to be released? ;D


A few suggestions. One, while the rest of Comodo software seem to have a colorful interface, Anti-spam still seems like a Windows ME or 98 style, not that it’s that important to me but a snazzy look sells. :wink: Also, the performance has been, well, unusual. I won’t detail it here as this is the wishlist but simply hope for a less flaky performance. I would also like to see it import all accounts from outlook express in one shot and perhaps work with web based eventually. I think the UI could be better, more straight forward if you will. I think perhaps I am spoiled from the CPF\CAV interface, loll. I guess to sum it up, (in my opinion) Anti-spam has “extreme” potential but seems held back. (:NRD)



I would seriously like IMAP4 support for it. And Thunderbird compatibility.

I could survive in Outlook, provided I could still use my IMAP functionality, but I’d really like it to work natively in Thunderbird (since I’m using IMAPS)


Why Thunderbird is not yet included?
Hurry up guys…
Best wishes…

Better support for multiple e-mail addresses - I have three regular addresses and my wife has two so it would be good to have global access to all accounts in the Quarantine and Approval panels.

I’d also appreciate the ability to delete redundant e-mail accounts rather than simply disabling them

It was suggested that I put this info in this thread:

The email passwords listed in the registry for the emal accounts are shown as plain text for anyone to read. Would like to see those encrypted in the next release.


Hi, just a note , most pop accounts keep passwords in plain text by default.


I second your 2nd comment. The redundant email account thing is definitely annoying. I would also still like AntiSpam to be integrated into Outlook/Outlook Express if possible, that way it’s easier to use. That way spam is moved to an "AntiSpam"folder within Outlook so that you can view it. Also, within the AntiSpam program, all spam email is able to be viewed without any restrictions (all links and pictures are live), which could be a way to breach your computer’s security.

I’d agree with most of the posts here:

  1. Allow checking against blacklists (spamhaus etc).
  2. Bayesian Filtering.
  3. Allow an option to see messages from all accounts in a single view in the quarantine database.
  4. Better integration into email clients (Outlook/Outlook Express/Thunderbird/Others).
  5. Lose the taskbar icon and integrate into Launchpad.

And one of my own:

  1. Allow a delay to be configured before automatically sending the ASA notification message. I’d like to see options as ‘On/Off/Deferred’. ‘On’ would be as now. ‘Off’ would be ‘don’t send a ASA message’ - useful for those people who like to manage their quarantine database themselves. ‘Deferred’ would allow for people who sometimes ‘forget’ to manage the database themselves - that last one sounds like me…

Menus are not all visible when scrolling.

Ability to see all hidden attributes of mail. Properties, domains etc.

Able to maximize the window.

I have installed the CAS and am using it with Outlook 2000 and Outlook Express. When I check for email with Outlook, I am prompt to enter all the account information AGAIN and AGAIN, it says that the info isn’t there. I now have 3 redundant accounts for the same email account and have disabled 2. I am also getting error reports using for Outlook and OE, mostly spooling problems.

So far, this isn’t the greatest anti spam, but I want to give it more time.

I’ve got this same problem. It only happens periodically, however, and not when I first enter Outlook 2000. It pops up a window for an email account, but does not identify which email account and shows all empty fields, and then asks me to enter the information. All my accounts already have complete info in all fields. I do have a couple of disabled email accounts, but even these are completely filled.

When quarantined mail is detected, that particular window pops up but does not show the appropriate email account where the quarantine arose nor the individual email items that were quarantined. I then need to go thru the multiple email accounts I’ve set up to determine which new email items were found. This is very burdensome since I’ve got several email accounts I’m monitoring. It would be good if AntiSpam automatically showed the appropriate email account with the new potential spam emails and then have a “Next” button to go to the next email account that has new spam.

Comodo Anti-Spam is exact the product I have been looking for. However I have a few wishes.

  • I would like to have a log with timestamp showing me what CAS have done, and why.
  • I would like to se the mails (as the “Passcode mails”) as CAS has sent. On my Outlook there are no traces after outgoing mails sent CAS. Why not? May be some kind of authorisation of such outgoing mails?
  • In some cases I would have the possibility to send PASSCODE mails from the “Manual Control” for Pending Authentication mails.
  • I would like to have the posibility to add a personal message or own language to the PASCODE mails.
  • I would also like an undo button or reset button on the “Manual Control”
  • What about a receive mail button from this user just this time on the “Manual Control”
  • Better handling of distribution lists
  • A possibility to se an overview over all quarantine mails from all accounts .