Wireless Gadget in Vista not working after Comodo ( beta)

Hi !!!

I hope that someone can halpe me with that

I have Vista and when i install the firewall Comodo (CFP_Setup_3.0.7.208_XP_Vista_x32_BETA)
Beta my wireless Gadget in windows Sidebar stop working it’s not showing any signal - only on the Sidebar.
The network itself Connected
When i uninstall Comodo everything going back and working
Any Suggesting

Hi Angel_One, welcome to the forums!

I moved you post to the BETA Corner. Personally I don’t have Vista so I can’t help you with this one, hopefully someone else can.


Just install this weekend and have the same problem. I didn’t consider it a problem until I read the note above… Not going to stop anything and I’m sure it will be fixed soon.

This is a problem on Vista x64 also :slight_smile: