Windows asking for CIS firewall to be turned on

I have Windows 7 and recently the action centre says my CIS firewall version is turned off.Any idea why and is it safe to access the internet.



I have a problem, in 2 PCs, with windows 7 64 bits in the “Security and Maintenance (formerly known as Action Center, and Security Center” when i start the computers say me, comodo antivirus and firewall are disable. What happen? comodo appear working and all enable.


I’m running the free version of Firewall (64-bit) on my family’s computers.

Following the upgrade to version 12 (, Windows Action Center is complaining on EVERY machine that there is no firewall running. Telling Windows it is OK to trust Comodo has no effect.

Comodo very clearly IS running, so I have no idea what is going on. This is happening on 4 different computers.

Any ideas? The AC popup is scary. Obviously I can disable it, but then it won’t warn when there really is a problem.


Hi, I have the same issue.

Win7-64 report that Comodo Firewall is turned off even if it running.
Only when I turn off the firewall for a second and reactived it then the Win say that all it is active.
But this is only temporary, after one or two restarts windows say again that Firewall is deactiaved.

Win7-64bit - Comodo Firewall


I have the same problem.

Comodo Internet Security 2019 v12.0.0.6818 – Released Towards

Occasionally, with the latest version of COMODO, the Windows Action Center will issue an antivirus alert and ask if you want to enable COMODO Antivirus. There has never been a past version.

I wrote it.

Window 7 Pro CIS

Hi All,

Thanks for reporting. We will investigate the issue.

Hi gneuner2,

Thank you for reporting, we are working on it.

Hi brom0r & nobo,

Could you please check your Inbox for private message and provide the requested logs.

Metheni The log can not be output because Reboot Restore Rx is used.
So when I get an error, I will send it out.

         This is a log. Pass 12345

Metheni COMODO Internet Security The removal of your hardware Please do something about it.

Thanks for looking into this. I have the same problem as well, just that after some time, it all goes back to normal. This tends to be the case 8 times out of 10, roughly.

Hi nobo,

Thank you for providing the requested logs. I will submit the logs to developer for further investigation.

Developers are aware of removal of hardware issue, they are working on it.

Please don’t cross post. You have your own topic. Cross posting may take a topic off track. Thank you for understanding.

Done, i send inbox message

EricJH Excuse me. I had been annoyed with this condition for many years and wanted to say it. I take Attention from next time.

When this happens the communication with the security center during boot takes too long. You will get an alert from Windows then when you look in the Security Center or check the icon one or two minutes later you will see CIS registered.

At the moment the error not occurs since two or three days. croosing fingers
But when the error apeared last time then I do not saw any change, not after 2 minutes and not after one hour.

I’ve been having the same problem. After reboot or cold start action center will complain both Windows Firewall and Comodo are off. When you click on the option to turn on Comodo nothing seems to happen. Comodo appears to be on because I still get alerts even though Windows says it is off.

I’ve uninstalled Comodo Firewall three times having to resort to the uninstall tool. I’ve rebooted the system five or six times since reinstalling it today and so far so good.

I wish Comodo would go back to stand-alone (offline) installs to make it easier to go back to a previous version. System restore kept failing so I couldn’t go back that way. My option is to do a disaster recovery backup from December and reinstall any programs or updates I’ve done since then.

I also had to redo my configuration as the old configurations don’t seem compatible. I had to redo my network zones, file groups, protected objects, retrain all HIPS rules and trust levels. Importing a configuration from earlier versions didn’t help.

Hi Turk42 & glomax,

It’s a known issue, our developers are working on it.

But before never happen. And is in my 2 PCs.

If it still shows not active after an hour or longer the registration with the Security Center is not right.

That is the most of the time the deal when the registration with the Security Center is not proper. CIS is working but the communication with SC is improper. Reporting by SC is known to be flakey.

SC is just a dashboard that brings together information for the not so advanced user. Programs will report their states to SC and SC will report what the programs report. SC has no added value in terms of security.

In case of doubt check the security programs. When they say they’re up and running they are. If the programs report they are up and running and SC reports that program is not then there is simply a breakdown of communication between program and SC.