Widescreen bug continues in x64 [CLOSED]

I keep having to back out to (x64) on my Asus G2S1 17" widescreen because I can’t set anything! All I see is the status; nothing clickable, no icons, nothing. I understand this started with beta, but it would have been nice if it were fixed in the newer beta. I’m running at native res 1920x1200, using XP 64. This firewall has a lot of promise and us widescreen folks would sure like to try the newer betas… :frowning:

I am guessing your another guy with D.P.I 120?

Yea, (sorta-it’s ‘girl’ (:WIN)). If my eyes were 20 years younger I could run with 96dpi, but this laptop at 1920x1200 with my close to 50 year old eyes? These betas need to be more ‘older-people’ friendly. 3.0.8 worked, so why keep it broken when releasing a new beta? Makes no sense.

I guess I could change the dpi again and mess with the font sizes but I know I would just be fustrating myself as I try to avoid bifocals.