Why don't you guys use Facebook?

Explain pls.


It makes the news often, personal choice, feelings of it being more suited to the younger generation, and whenever I have been invited by someone they seem very pushy about it. The harder they push the more I refuse. It is just like anything I guess, why drive the brand of car I drive, why join Comodo Forums etc.
Why? Some of all of the above, but mainly it does not interest me. Maybe I am missing something, maybe I am not. No offence to Facebook users. Kind regards.

There was a very recent ruling by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) that misleading, inaccurate or false posts made on social network sites owned/operated by a company are deemd to be endorsed or factualised by the owner/operator if not removed or refuted in a timely manner. In the case of Twitter (where the owner/operator cannot delete tweets made from another account) a rebuttal or disclaimer must be posted in a timely manner.

This has serious implications for all companies haveing a facebook (or similar) page where members of the public can post, particulary as there is no firm definition of “timely”.

Yet another good reason to be judicious in using social networks.

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  1. I have nothing to share really - I find it ridiculous, stupid and to tell everyone every little thing you do is pointless. For instance a girl that I once knew wrote that she go a letter for the Tax Agency and that she expected that the adult life would be different which is in my view pointless comment. Imagine this kind of message everyday…

  2. good way to avoid being infected

  3. I am not the facebook type.

Valentin N

I like using Facebook to annoy people and make sarcastic/stupid remarks, like I do here. It’s a good thing most of my “friends” aren’t really friends! :smiley:

It is nice knowing about what some people near you are doing…I have found out things and activities that I wouldn’t have otherwise. Good local new source. :stuck_out_tongue:

And stalking is fun :o

i have facebook account only because i was pushed a lot but i do not have interest in to share my life with the rest of the world, (facebook have no privacy policy), so i never check my account, only when in real life someone ask me to “check” something then i go for that day

I just don’t understand the appeal of the whole social networking thing… :-\

Indeed, I just cannot see the appeal in telling the whole planet lots of trivial stuff about myself or reading anybody else’s. Then there are the privacy, ethical & vector issues.

In my opinion facebook is just a criminal’s sat nav waiting for updates.

I don’t think you’re too far off with this assessment. :-TU

For a lot of people, their arguably inane comments, posted with lack of forethought, on a ‘Social Network’, will one day, come back to bite them.

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For what purpose might someone be looking at your details…
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And of course, you never know who or what you may be friends with :-X
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I will agree with everyone’s post 100%.

Myself being in the “younger generation” (I’m 19 years old), However, having left school… I only use facebook really for communication with my American Family (I’m currently in Australia, Father is half American etc), But off course we can always use things like Skype and Email. So their are much better and safer alternatives.

It’s good for Bussiness and Promotion use. Looking at Comodo and Melih’s facebook. IMO, it has a WIDE spectrum of advantages and disadvantages. But it’s a real time waster if your just posting status updates and viewing everyone’s activity.


+1 That is why I hate facebook never used it and never touch it…and it make me SICK!..quick pass me the bucket :-[ :o

sorry but u have , in every post u made you can choose to make it private or not and choose who will access to this post/pix/video.

personnally im french and i live in vietnam, facebook “help” me to keep daily contacts with my friends and family. i cant use messenger coz when im free they are busy or sleeping.

all of you mostly think about Facebook in your own personal context, and dont evaluate the situation of others.

i avoid to put sensitive infos on Facebook, of course, and i dont post when i go to the toilet too. for me facebook is more like a sophisticated email.

some people love to show off their life in public , it is their right , if you dont like , just block them.

but dont say coz you dont like something, that thing is a piece of trash. dont play the haters.
in this forum when someone criticize CIS without true arguments , i saw a lot of people saying what i just said.

dont do what you dont like others do to you.

I don’t think that is surprising, mainly since that was the question (Why don’t you guys use Facebook?).

yes i know. but i gave my POV. sorry if it is not topic-related.

Besides the privacy issues, What goes in facebook, stays in facebook. People that post info there, could end up in a situation that what you posted on facebook can be used against youself. :-TD

Didn’t a criminal get caught because they updated people of their acts on a social networking site?

Everyone has their view and face has it’s pros and cons.

Valentin N

Facebook is a trend which I do not support. To meet up with friends or colleagues I do not need a social network. In my opinion, people are already spend too much time at the computer. Take care.