Why do you use a security product (AV/HIPS/BB/FW etc.)

Just curious as to why people run security applications. Feel free to add your own reasons in the comments.

None of the options available.

I do know how to stay somewhat safe online, like knowing what not to do on the Internet etc, but that just takes you that far, I like to have an AV that instantly tells me if it believes a file is dangerous or not, then I like to have other layers as HIPS or Sandbox for the times unrecognized malware is present.

Other than that I have been using the HIPS to control “legit” applications since I don’t always want them to do what they are designed to do for some reason. Oh and the same for the Firewall.

So I guess I use it as a complimentary to common knowledge/logical thinking and as a way to have greater control of my computer.

I don’t know if I’ve answered your question? ˆ-ˆ’’

I understand your logic but no security application s foolproof and false positives are not uncommon. What happens if some fictitious malware slips by your application of choice. Do you spend minutes/hours/days trying to remove/repair said fictitious damage or do you just start over?

About 4-5 years ago when I didn’t know much about computer security I had a nightmare with malware… My PC’s got hacked into 3-4 times… It got so bad that I was scared to even go online… I still believe it was down to some direct hacking… After that I started to educate myself in PC security… And I found the one… CIS… No issues since… :-TU

So I use security products to stay safe online… I feel more secure with back-up on top of the back-up now. Also I have personal things on my PC, do online banking, etc. I personally use layered security approach and now know one or two things about how to stay safe.

So, you really use a security product because you choose to keep personal information on your PC?

I use security products for a variety of reasons and that’s one of them. Also personal information can mean one thing to you another to me.

Ok, thanks. However, you still haven’t really answered the question.

With regard to personal information, it is what it is. You either have something on you PC that relates to/identifies you or you don’t.

Well I use CIS(with no HIPS) because I want my personal info to stay in my pc, also to have a healthy pc with no malware. And so far CIS has done it with 100%, no malware infection since I started using CIS many years ago, since version 3. And I don’t find other product on the market that I can trust 100%, CIS is the only one :slight_smile:

Of course no security is 100% fool proof but CIS is the one I’ve tried that come closest to it, but of course it isn’t 100% safe. I am always on a search for a more powerful HIPS even though the one in CIS is plenty.

False positives is why I said that I wait for the AV to say what it believes, if I disagree with the AV I would add the file to exclusion and send it in as false positive but if I don’t know the file and if I don’t know/don’t trust/it doesn’t have a signature then I probaby will delete it.

I don’t know what you mean by fictious, perhaps that it is a made up scenario? A “What if” scenario, or that the malware would be fictious which I don’t know what it would imply.

If I did get an infection which somehow bypassed my security application i.e CIS then I would spend enough time it would take to getting rid of it or realize it’s no use, unless it’s a ransomware that encrypts files, then I’d just say “GG” and pop in the windows CD.
I would combat it because I like the challenge, not necessarily because I have any files that I need since I always back-up all my really important files to my external HDD, my thumbdrive, skydrive, dropbox and mega, of course encrypted if they are sensetive.

I do not understand the question.

Like and so it’s obvious why.

You can click all three.

P.S. I would have to pressed the two. 1.3.

I’ll decide what I need. 2.


  1. I use security products because I want my personal information to stay safe
  2. I use security products because I want my PC to function as it should be
  3. I use security products because it makes me feel secure and that I’m in control over my PC
  4. I use security products because I don’t want to take unnecessary risks/reduce the risk of getting infected

The options in the poll are not very good. Although I have never been infected since first coming on line in 1999, there have been at least a dozen times when my security software at the time has prevented an infection attempt. I also now do all my banking on line since my bank has no other option. I do a lot of online shopping as well and I use the Kiosk of Comodo plus the Dragon browser for added security. I do a lot of online gaming too with paid accounts which I don’t want getting hacked.

My opinion is that everyone should use at least a good AV product along with the Windows firewall. Additional things like being behind a NAT router and using a good security suite that has a two way firewall in addition to a modern AV are obviously more secure. I am not a fan of HIPS like products and things like no script that require user permissions for everything. I prefer my security to be as silent and automatic as possible and I find CIS 6 in mostly default settings to fit my needs perfectly. The only things I have changed are turning off auto-quarantine, enabling Firewall alerts for unknown things that get sandboxed (safe things give no alerts and create no rules), and cranking up the Behavior Blocker to the Untrusted level. Everything else is at the default setting.

Same reasons as you. Only I run CIS 6 with default settings & dont play games.

Well that’s pretty clear now :wink:

I save resources of my brain by using security things,
no un-necessary worries.

And i save resources of my computer by using my brain,
no super-plus-automatic-big-brothers installed.

I never needed a security (apart from firewall),
but i install the reasonable
to know that :smiley:

There is no option in the poll for me. Close to these:
Because I keep all my private info on my PC” - Though I don’t care much for my personal information as I care for my PC to be in good working condition.

Because the Internet is scary” - Though the dangers for my PC are not only from the Internet, they can be from flash disks as well.

I would choose

  • if Imaging and Snapshot technologies apply to it



Hi clockwork,

Am I reading incorrectly, I just see a hint of contradictory?

Translating tenses into english is contradictory i guess :smiley:

“If i had found a virus, i would have submitted it.”

The main point is, no machine got infected here. But since i use an antivirus and a hips and a sandbox, i know it.

Your quoting wasnt capturing the meaning of both posts.

Are options 1 and 3 necessarily different?

From the options i really wasn’t sure what to pick. I suppose for me I want my personal information to be secure. I also want to prevent malware from deleting/encrypting my files or making my computer unusable. Productivity is also important.

Hi clockwork,
I took it to be in one quote that you only use a Firewall and no other security applications, the second quote to be that you also use an Antivirus as well.

The wires got crossed somewhere in my interpretation.
As you say it could be due to translation, I do apologise for any misunderstanding. :slight_smile:

Thank you.