Why do you use a security product (AV/HIPS/BB/FW etc.)

F/W - I use a firewall to control incoming and outgoing traffic using comodo default rules and was well as a few rules of my own.(For this current computer that I’m using). I like my computer to be resistant to port scans and be more invisible on the network and online

Hips - I like it because it lets me know if anything unusual is going on especially unknown stuff that will require my attention

av - while it’s basicly a blacklist detector, it reduces the pops up that I need to answer which saves me some trouble right off hand
of having to investigate it

I could go on but thats just the bare basics of why I choose to use it

Just lately i heard of an incident where “an antivirus product” notified
“trojan blocked and q`ed”
but the computer got locked by the rogue though.

Thats why you need a hips (which asks), and a virtual sandbox to delete a drive by.

Without a hips/virtual sandbox, “any” valid notification of an antivirus would let me reinstall (apart from just a file detection).

I use reasonable security (low resource profile, logical layers - closed circle) to know when something is wrong, or to auto delete things that i did not choose to reside anyway.
Dont want to see it by aftermath.
Dont want to swing the brush for an applications fail.

I use security products because I do have so personal documents I need protected, and incase I get an infected patch for adobe, Java, etc.

I am using it to whats going on in my PC… maybe no virus or trojan I never faced them… Security product makes me feel safe while using the PC

i use security product because i strongly believe that it is necessary to use while i use pc or laptop. 8)

And for me, it needs to do it as silently as possible.

I use no additional security products. :slight_smile:

CİS is the complete product for security :-TU maybe we can use an on-demand scanner product like MBAM or HitmanPro

With “no additional” I mean that I use no security product that is not part of my system (Ubuntu). So I use the built in firewall (ufw), the sandboxing-features in the Linux-kernel – which my browser makes good use of (overview) – etc. :slight_smile:

got it :smiley:

saves me the trouble of having to reinstall.


Whay People are using something ?

I think the answer is simple .

because out there in the virtual world are more >:-D bad people making bad things happen ten :a0 good people making nice things happen.

The good people are giiving me all the knowlege & the wisdom They have about the bad people in the net world to help stay & browse safe .

And for luck there are even some of the good people who are giving me all that for free (:CLP)

In the real World we are using Our Natural Instincts
In the virtual World we use the instincts of Melih & Co ;D

:P0l that question should be now

Can we trust security developers :stuck_out_tongue: asked a Child In The Fog