Why did you uninstall CIS? Please help us improve by telling us why.

I can not play the Game LOST HORIZON from Deep Silver. If I start it, my PC is frozen. Not any Option or Popup from CIS.

With Online Armor it runs without problems.

Sorry for my ugly English! I am a ■■■■■ from Berlin/Germany :wink:

Before starting a game set CIS to Game Mode. You can do that from the CIS icon in the systray. When starting a game or any other full screen application you don’t see D+ alerts.

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I uninstalled Comodo Firewall after v3.10 or 3.11, because I didn’t like the changes that were made in the later versions.

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You know you can disable D+ (HIPS), right?

But disabling D+ also disables the self protection.

I don’t understand why it has to be so complicated to get programs to work using this firewall, It was very painful getting my games and splashtop desktop to work and I still can’t get filezilla to work, you’d think with 350 people working on this atleast one of you guys would try to make the firewall a little more user freindly… im sick of wasting hours of my time getting a program to work and i know i’m not the only person that won’t be installing this waste of time again.

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is it really nessesary that i have to spend an hour googling to find a 2 page tutorial on creating all these “port sets” “global rules” “appllications rules” just to get a program to work? is that not fricking ridiculous? why can’t i just click 1 button and say, let this program DO WHAT IT WANTS… im sick of wasting time with this firewall… so sick.

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I uninstalled it because scans were just too slow and taking far too long to complete.

For example, full system scans took 4 times as long as Norton Internet Security.

Use MBAM or Hitman Pro for scanning.
CIS is great for protection.

That’s the answer because the scans “are” way too slow… :-TU

Thanks for that…

next version, scans are going to be quicker than lightning!!! :slight_smile:

Just what we wanted to hear! :-TU

Thanks for that…

And when is next version coming up, Melih?

I uninstalled CIS over a year ago, because it was too intrusive for me, caused too many incompatibilities with games (even with game mode on) and was in fact causing crash lock ups on start up (Windows 7). You can even refer to my last post on March 12th. 2011 here: https://forums.comodo.com/format-verified-issue-reports-cis/cis-fault-crash-locks-up-windows-7-x64-nbz-t70369.0.html;msg500125#msg500125

So, I am back now, checking up what’s new with Comodo. Can you give me a good reason why I should try again? Or should I wait until the next version Melih was talking about? :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers to all

The version Melih is talking about is v6 the next major version. They are hoping to release the beta in august.

I am uninstalling and reinstalling comodo over 3 years i can not make up my mind. It confused me that it can be used with other security suites and i do not mean the antispyware security suites. Allthough i was installing it, i had to turn off the overlapping features and that confused me. I use it as a standalone know and i am pleased, except from the full scan that it takes to much time allthough the cpu usage has gone less demanding. I always give it a try as it is free and an internet security suite which is a plus for a free product. All the time that i used other antivirus, i had CCE as a backup tool and it removed me a virus that other products did not do (for example the WINSXS rootkit).I want to tell you that is for your credit that you keep on improving the product and making it user friendly with less popup alerts and i hope with no less security.

I had to uninstall CIS 5.10 of my new system with windows 7 64 bits because CIS created a lot of problems… For exemple, it locks some of my application making them impossible to open and that even tough I place the folder in the exclusion of the AV and in the Trusted file of Defense + and sandboxe… I try a clean uninstall and reinstall with no luck :cry:

I will wait for version 6.0 and hope that the numerous problem I had with version 5.10 will be gone :wink:

Once I proudly installed CIS on my friend’s comp. I was expecting praises from him. He uninstalled CIS the same day because there was some minor problems with the firewall, but he wasn’t keen on adjusting it. He just installed Eset back - this prog does everything on its own.